Mr. Menghesteab Asmerom, Chairman of the Eritrean People's Democratic Party (EPDP), found it appropriate to inform the public about a misleading post in Meskerem.net on 12 January 2018 under the title of "EPDP statement", presented  in a manner that left the general reader further confused about who-is-who in the Eritrean opposition camp.


EPDP Chairman's statement, dated 15 January 2018, therefore, wished the general public to be informed of a few simple facts about the Meskerem.net posting and its owners who possessed "no grain of legitimacy to act and speak in the name of EPDP".

Mr. Menghesteab Asmerom also called upon Eritrean compatriots "to stand in defense of democratic processes and decisions and at all times condemn this kind of behavior that  breaches known moral and legal standards."

Printed below is the full text of the EPDP Chairman's clarification statement.



On 12 January 2018, we read in Meskerem.net a writing headed "a statement by the Eritrean People's Democratic Party (EPDP)".


EPDP [as everybody knows] is the one political organization that adopts its visions, objectives, programmes and constitutions and elects and removes its leaderships at  its regular congresses. At its second congress of July 2015, the EPDP has adopted its current political and organizational programmes and democratically elected 33  Central Council  members and four reserve members. However, out of these elected 37 leadership members, only 5 (five) persons have left the EPDP by resigning from their elected posts and some by joining the splinter group that has issued the so-called "statement" of 12 January.


Therefore, EPDP is intact and in good shape with its full leadership (well over two-thirds), and all its institutions functioning normally: its treasury's departments under control; information institutions including its website, regional radio stations and publications thriving as ever before; organizational office with its zonal and branch formations carrying out duties well and its international/diplomatic relations people performing also normally.


The self-appointed elements who issued the said statement possess no grain of legitimacy to act and speak in the name of the EPDP, but, unfortunately, their futile action can only leave our diaspora people further confused. Needless to say, the EPDP has nothing to do with the theatrics of this group and shall not be responsible for its acts. 

The EPDP also wishes to make known to the public that the listed names [of 7] in Meskerem.net, in concert with a tiny group of supporters mainly from the North America zone, have repeatedly attempted in the past to create distraction in the party but failed. The final resolve of this people [7], most of whom were not even elected in the last party congress, is to split from the party. At this moment, nothing can be said about their so-called  "21 central council members" because nothing has been disclosed about them.


[It is obvious that] the EPDP cannot deny to any individual or a groupie to leave the party of its own volition and form its own party with its own name. However, the EPDP strongly opposes any illegitimate group to use and act in its name.

It is also appropriate to call upon our compatriots to stand in defense of democratic processes and decisions and at all times condemn this kind of behavior that  breaches known moral and legal standards.


Fragmentation is not the path to success!!

Menghesteab Asmerom, Chairman, EPDP

15 January, 2018

ሰልፊ ዲሞክራሲ ህዝቢ አርትራ (ሰዲህኤ) ብ15 ጥሪ 2018 ብዘቕረቦ ተሪር ምሕጽንታ፡ ኮሚሽን ሕብረት ኤውሮጳ ነቶም ኣብ እስራኤል ዘለዉ እሞ ናብ ዝኸድዎ ዘየብሎም 30 ሺሕ ዝኾኑ ኤርትራውያን ስደተኛታት ብዝምልከት ዓለም ለኻዊ ፍታሕ ንክገብረሎም ተማሕጺኑ።

ነቶም ካብ ኤርትራ፡ ዳርፎርን ካልእ ሓደገኛ ከባብን ዝመጹ ስደተኛታት ኣብ ዝምልከት ከምቲ ዝረአ ዘሎ እስራኤ ግቡኣ ክትገብር ምርዳኣ እንተዘይተኻኢሉ፡ ናይቲ ዝተረፈ ኣካላት ሰብኣውነት ሓላፍነትን ግቡእን ምዃኑ እቲ ናይ ሰዲህኤ መዘክር ገሊጹ።

እቲ ብኣድራሻ ወይዘሮ ፈደሪካ ሞገሪኒ፡ ናይ ሕብረት ኤውሮጳ ላዕለወይቲ ተወካሊት ወጻኢ ጉዳያትን ጸጥታዊ ፖሊስን ዝተለእከ መዘክር ሰዲህኤ፡ ኣብቲ እስራኤል ዓለም ለኻዊ ውዕላት ጥሒሳ ንስደተኛታት ካብ ግዝኣታ ደፊእ ንምውጻእ  እትወስዶ ዘላ ስጉምቲ ብናይ ሕብረት ኤውሮጳ ስቕታ ከም ዝገረሞ ጠቒሱ፡

Stranded Eritreans 2 16.01.2018


ናይቲ መልእኽቲ ቅዳሕ ናብ ኮሚሽነር ሕኣን ሓላፊ ላኮጉስሕመን እዩ ተላኢኹ

እቲ መግለጺ ኣተሓሒዙ፡ እስራኤል ኣብ 1951 ናይቲ ንስደተኛ ዝምልከት ውዕል  ነዳፊትን ቀዳመይቲ ፈራሚት ሃገርን  ክነሳ፡ ከም ዓለም ለኻዊ ሰነድ ትርጉሙ  ኣጸቢቓ ክትርደኦ መተገበኣ። ብመንጽር እዚ ኤርትራውያን ስደተኛታት ኣብ እስራኤል ዘይሕጋውያን ክበሃሉ ኣይመተገብኦምን ክብል እውን ኣስፊሩ።

መግለጺ ሰዲህኤ ከምቲ እስራኤል ትሰርሓሉ ዘላ ስደተኛታት ናብ ከም ኣብ ኤርትራ ዘሎ ዲክታቶርያዊ ስርዓት ክርከቡ እንከለወ ብዛዕባ ዘጋጥሞም ሓደጋ ብግቡእ ከም ዝርዳእ ሓቢሩ። በዚ መንጽር ምስቲ እስራኤል ዓለም ለኻዊ ሕግን ስምምዓትን ብምጥሓስ እትወስዶ ስጉምቲ’ውን ከም ዘይሰማማዕ ኣስፊሩ።

እቲ ናብ ሕብረት ኤውሮጳ ዝቐረበ ስምዕታ፡ እንተላይ ናብ ኮሚሽነር ላዕለዋይ ኮሚሽን ጉዳይ ስደተኛታት ሕቡራት ሃገራት ኣቶ ፊሊፖ ግራንዲን ናብ ኮሚሽን ሕብረት ኣፍሪቃ ኣቶ ሙሳን ፋኪ ማሃማትን ኣብ ኣዲስ ኣበባን ተላኢኹ እዩ።


In a strongly-worded appeal dated 15 January 2018, the Eritrean People’s Democratic Party (EPDP) asked the Commission of the European Union to kindly consider a global solution for about 30,000 Eritrean asylum seekers in Israel because "Eritreans have nowhere to go".

The memorandum stressed that asylum seekers from dangerous places like Eritrea and Darfur "deserved to be considered as the responsibility of the rest of humanity if the international system fails to persuade  Israel  that it cannot treat asylum seekers in the way it is doing it". 

Addressed to Ms Federica Mogherini, the EU Commission High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, the EPDP statement expressed total dismay at EU's silence on Israel's decision to push those asylum seekers out of its territory in total disregard  of international conventions on refugee rights.

Stranded Eritreans 2Copies of the message were sent to the AU Commissioner and UNHCR Chief.

The statement further noted that Israel, which was one of the active drafters of the 1951 Refugee Convention and the first nation to sign it, should better know the definition of the term "refugee" in the international document, and that Eritrean asylum seekers should in no way be  mistaken for  "illegal migrants" or "infiltrators."


The EPDP statement also contained the party's conviction about future dangers that can follow the ongoing policies of appeasement "to suppressive dictatorships like the one in Eritrea" and indifference to actions of "apparently discriminatory governments like the one in Israel" that are left to easily flout  international conventions and obligations.


This appeal to the European Union Commission was also copied to UNHCR chief, Mr. Filippo Grandi, and to the Chairperson of the African Union Commission, Mr. Mr. Moussa Faki Mahamat in Addis Ababa.

ኣቦ-መንበር ሰልፊ ዲሞክራሲ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ (ሰዲህኤ) ብ8 ጥሪ 2018 ነቲ ኣብ ክልቲኡ ገማግም ቀይሕ ባሕሪ እንዳዓርገ ዝኸይድ ዘሎ ሓደገኛ ናይ ውግእ ደበና ብዝምልከት ዝሓደሮ ሻቕሎት ብዝምልከት መግለጺ ኣውጺኡ። ኣብ መግለጺኡ፡ ናይዚ ከባቢ መንግስታት ነቲ ኣብኣተን  ዝኽፈት ናይ ግዳም ወተሃደራዊ መደበራት ክዓጽዋን ካብቲ ንመሰረታዊ ረብሓታት ናይ ህዝበን ዘየዕቁብ ምትእኽኻባት ክወጻን ጸዊዑ።

ኣቦ-መንበር ሰዲህኤ ኣቶ መንግስተኣብ ኣስመሮም ኣብቲ ሰፊሕ ድሕረ ባይታ ናይቲ  ምስሕሓባትን ወጥርን ዝዳህሰሰ መግለጺኡ ዝምልከቶም ኣካላት ንፍልልያትን ምስሕሓባትን ብሰላማዊ ኣገባብ ጥራይ ክፈትሕዎ ጸዊዑ። 


እቲ መግለጺ ሰዲህኤ ንህዝቢ እዚ ዞባ ንነዊሕ ግዜ ግዳይ ክገብርዎ ዝጸንሑ፡ ዘይቅኑዕ ምምሕዳር፡ ወግኣትን ተፈጥሮኣዊ ሓደጋታትን ብሓፈሻ ጠቒሱ፡ ብፍላይ ድማ ናብ ኤርትራ ብምትኳር፡ ብሰንክቲ ኢጣልያዊ መግዛእቲ ዝፈጠሮ ሰንሰለታዊ ውግኣት ጥራይ ዘይኮነ ኣብ ዝሓለፈ 26 ናይ ናጽነት ዓመታት ኣብ ኤርትራ ዝተኻየዱ ሰለስተ ውግኣት ዘውረድዎ ጉድኣት’ውን ሓቢሩ።


ኣብ ርእሲ’ዚ እቲ መግለጺ ኣተሓሒዙ፡ ኤርትራውያን፡ ዞባውን ዓለም ለኻውን ረቛሕታት ንመጻኢ ኩነታት ኤርትራ ከም ዝጸልዉዎ ከስተውዕሉ ከም ዝግበኦም ኣተሓሳሲቡ። ስለዚ ኣብዚ እዋንዚ ናብ ዓብይ ስእሊ ናይ’ቲ ጸገም ከድህቡን ነቲ ናይ ሓባር ብደሆታት ብሓባራዊ ዓቕሚ ክገጥሞዎን ከም ዝግባእን ኣገንዚቡ።

The Chairman of the Eritrean People's Democratic Party (EPDP) issued a statement dated 8 January 2018 expressing deep concern about the dangerous "clouds of war gathering on both sides of the Red Sea"  and urged the governments of the region to "immediately close the military bases of external forces and withdraw from the alliances that do not serve the best interests of the peoples of the region".

EPDP Chairman Menghesteab Asmerom's statement, which provided abundant background to the conflicts and security tensions in the entire region, also asked all parties concerned to resolve their differences only peacefully.

EPDP Expresses Deep Concern about Regional Conflicts 1

 The EPDP statement referred to the bad governance, wars and natural calamities that victimized the peoples of the region for too long and in particular mentioned the suffering of Eritreans, not only because of a chain of wars since Italy colonized the territory over a century ago, but also of the three wars imposed on them in the past 26 years of their independent existence.

It also reminded Eritreans the be "fully aware of the fact that regional and international factors also influence and affect the future of Eritrea" and that it is time for them to see "bigger picture" and start to jointly face the challenges ahead of them. Printed below is the full text of the Statement.


EPDP Statement on Tensions, Alliances

in the  Horn of Africa and Red Sea Basin:                                                                       The peoples of the Horn of Africa have been victims of bad governance, drought and armed hostilities for a long time. This fact is made clear and apparent by the number of Eritreans, Ethiopians, Somalis and Sudanese refugees scattered all over the globe.


The Eritrean people have, in particular, been subjected to the adverse effects of incessant wars and armed campaigns ever since the advent of  Italian colonialism [precisely 127 years ago].  Even in the past 26 years of its independent existence, Eritrea extended the list of wars by adding up  armed conflicts with Yemen, Ethiopia and Djibouti.

Yet, what is prevailing in the Horn of Africa and the Middle Easter region at this very moment is not peace, stability or prosperity but wanton destruction and suffering.

Unfortunately, peoples of the region are witnessing a proxy war in Yemen conducted by  a Saudi Arabia-led coalition in support of Yemeni President Abd-Rabbu  Mansour Hadi and the Houthi clansmen supported by Iran. Eritrea has become part of the ongoing hostilities by providing military base to the Saudi-led coalition in the Eritrean Red Sea province of Denkalia, and, according to some reports, it sent armed units to Yemen. In return, the Eritrean regime is receiving millions of dollars in cash and in the form of petroleum thus enabling itself to linger its dictatorial grip of power in the country. 

Egypt, with its unresolved misunderstanding with Ethiopia over the construction of a dam on the Nile River, has become part of the Gulf Coalition. The Sudan, which currently has its own problems with Egypt related to their unresolved border claims over the Halayeb Triangle and Sudan's intention to make full use of its share of Nile waters, opted to be in good terms with Ethiopia. On top of this, the ruling party in the Sudan (National Salvation Front) has not been happy with the action taken by the Egyptian President Abdulfatah al-Sissi against Sudan's friendly regime (Muslim Brotherhood) of deposed President Mursi. It is to be recalled that Turkey and Qatar provided political asylum to senior leaders of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, while Turkey's President Erdogan suspected Egypt for having supported the attempted coup in his country. All these events fueled mutual mistrusts within the wider region.  

It is clear that Egypt and Eritrea are on the opposite alignment of the joint Sudan and Ethiopia front. Eritrea's Isaias Afeworki visited the United Arab Emirates, and the Ethiopian President Hailemariam Desalegn toured Qatar. The recent visit of senior Egyptian military officials to Eritrea, the rumoured supply of arms, and the initiation of training centers in Eritrea's Sawa for forces opposed to governments in the region seem to have provoked Sudan's declaration of a state of emergency in the Kassala region. It also closed its border with Eritrea by sending thousands from its special rapid deployment units to the area. These developments did indeed heighten security tension between the two.  

It is observed that Sudan, which formally remains part of the Gulf Coalition, it nevertheless continues to strengthen relations with Turkey, probably on the basis of religious and ideological grounds (Muslim Brotherhood) that both share with Qatar as opposed to the Wahabist Sunni line of Saudi Arabia. In the midst of this contest for political influence in the Horn of Africa and Red Sea Basin, Turkey is establishing military bases at Sewakin in the Sudan and in Somalia thus igniting Egyptian and Arab fears of  old Ottoman-Turkish like expansionist move to the Red Sea which Arabs wish to call their own backyard.

The clouds of war gathering on both sides of the Red Sea are big threats to this important commercial route and hazardous to the peoples of the region. The Eritrean People's Democratic Party (EPDP) thus expresses its deep concern about the ongoing formation of military alignments recounted above in addition to the Russo-Turkish-Iranian front opposed to the US-Israeli alliance, and President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a fact opposed by many parties in addition to the Muslim-Arab world. The intensification of the simmering conflicts and crises appears to be adding fuel to existing problems in the Horn of Africa countries and thus plunge the peoples of the region to the worst situation imaginable.

We therefore strongly call upon governments of the Horn of Africa region to resolve their problems peacefully and immediately close the military bases of external forces and withdraw from the alliances that do not serve the best interests of the peoples of region.

Also at this critical juncture, the EPDP wishes to again ring the bell to the Eritrean people and our organizations opposed to the ruling regime to be fully aware of the fact that regional and international factors also influence and affect the future of Eritrea. Therefore, it is high time that they thus stop petty squabbles within the family and instead look at the bigger picture and start to jointly face the challenges before them and their state.

In conclusion, we appeal to all concerned parties for restraint and cessation of hostilities in Yemen and also ensure the most immediate provision of humanitarian assistance to the suffering people in Yemen.

Happy New Year!

Menghesteab Asmerom,

Chairman, the Eritrean People's Democratic Party (EPDP)

8 January, 2018

ኣብ ዶባት ኤርትራን ሱዳንን እቲ ሓጐጽጐጽ ነዊሕ ዕድመ ዘለዎ ኮይኑ ካብ 3 ጥሪ 2018 ጀሚሩ ግና ኣብ ደረጃ ምዕጻው ዘብጸሓ ቅልጡፍ ምቅይያራት የርኢ ከምዘሎ ነቲ ኩነታት ብቐረባ ይዕዘብዎ ብዘለዉ ምኝጭታትናን  ብዝተፈላለዩ ማዕከናት ዜናን  ተረጋጊጹ ኣሎ። ነቲ ናይ ምዕጻው ስጉምቲ ብወግዒ  ዝወሰደን ዝገለጸን መንግስቲ ሱዳን ኮይኑ መንግስቲ ኤርትራ ግና ብሰንክቲ ትዕቢተኛን ዘይግሉጽነትን ባህሪኡ ብዛዕባዚ ጉዳይዚ ንህዝቢ ዝገለጾ ወግዓዊ ነገር የለን። እቶም ምንጭታትን ማዕከናት ዜናን ከም ዝገለጽዎ መንግስቲ ሱዳን ነቲ ዶብ ክልቲአን ሃገራት “ሓይልታት ህጹጽ ሓገዝ (ቅዋት ኣልድዓም ኣልሰሪዕ)” ብዝበሃል ኣካል ሰራዊቱ ዓጽይዎ ኣሎ። ዝተፈላለዩ ተዓዘብቲ ነዚ ስጉምቲ ምስቲ ፕረሲደንት ሱዳን ዑመር ኣልበሽር ኣብዚ ቀረባ ግዜ ዘውጽእዎ ን6 ኣዋርሕ ዝጸንሕ ናይ ህጹጽ ግዜ ኣዋጅ ኣብ ግዝኣታት ኩርዶፋንን ከሰላን የዛምድዎ ኣለዉ።

ናይቲ ምዕጻው ጭብጥን ትሕዝቶን ብዝምልከት ዝተፈላለዩ ወገናት ነናቶም ትርጉም ዝህብዎ ኮይኑ፡ ከምቲ ናይ ቅድሚ ሕጂ ፍንው ናይ ተሽከርከርቲ ምንቅስቓስን ዘይሕጋዊ ናይ ሰባት ምስግጋርን ዝኽልክል ኮይኑ፡ ካብ ናብን ዝሰጋገር ንብረት እውን ዝኽልክል እዩ። ብሕጋዊ ኣገባብን ዝተመርጹ ውሱናት ኣፍደገታትን ብጥንቃቐ ብዝተሓዝ ሕጋዊ ኣገባብን ናይ ሰባት ምንቅስቓስ ግና ዝኽልክል ኣይኮነን ዝብሉ ወገናት እውን ኣለዉ። ምስዚ ብዝተተሓሓዘ ሓይልታት ጸጥታ ሱዳን ናይቲ መንገስቲ ሰለይትን ንጸጥተኦም ዘስግኡን ከምኡ እውን ብህግደፍ ኣብ ዘይሕጋዊ ንግዲ ዝተዋፈሩ ዝበልዎም ኤርትራውያን ኣብ ምብራቕ ሱዳን ክኣስሩ ጀሚሮም ምህላዎም ይንገር ኣሎ።

ናብዚ ደረጃዚ ዘብጽሑ ምኽንያታ ብዝምልከት እቲ ዝበሃል ብዙሕ ኮይኑ፡ ካብቲ ጠንቅታት መንግስቲ ኤርትራ ዘካይዶ ዘይሕጋዊ ዕዳጋ (ኮንትሮባንድ) ላዕለዎት ሓለፍቱ ዘዘውትርዎ ዘይሕጋዊ ናይ ሰባት ምስግጋር ንግድን ሓደ ምዃኑ ይገልጹ። ካብዚ ሓሊፉ ኣብ ኤርትራ ዘለዉን በቲ መንግስቲ ዝሕገዙን ተቓወምቲ መንግስቲ ሱዳን እውን ካልእ ጠንቂ እዮም። ብዘይካዚ ነዚ ጉዳይ ምስቲ ኣብዚ ከባቢና ዝረአ ዘሎ ናይ ሓይልታት ኣሰላልፋ ዘተኣሳስርዎ ኣለዉ። ከምቲ ኣብ ምብራቓዊ ቆላ ኤርትራ ገማግም ቀይሕ ባሕሪ ብበዓልል ዓረብ ኢማራት ዝረአ ዘሎ ወተሃደራዊ ምንቅስቓሳት ኣብ ምዕራባዊ ቆላታት ኤርትራ’ውን ብፍላይ ከኣ ኣብ ከባቢ መደበር ታዕሊም ሳዋ፡ ማዕጢርን ሞልቤርን ናይ ግብጺ ወተሃደራዊ ክኢላታት ጽዑቕ ምንቅስቓሳት የካይዱ ምህላዎም ካብቲ ጠንቅታት ሓደ እዩ። እዞም ምንጭታት ከም ዝጠቕስዎ ወተሃደራዊ ክኢላታት ግብጺ፡ ንናይ ዳርፎር ተቓወምቲ ሓዊስካ መንግስቲ ኤርትራ ዝሕግዞም ናይ ዝተፈላለያ ሃገራት መንግስታት ተቓወምቲ ወተሃደራዊ ታዕሊም ይህቡ ምህላዎም እውን ካልእ ምኽንያት እዩ።

ካብዚ ሓሊፉ ግብጺ ንኤርትራ ወተሃደራዊ ታዕሊም ጥራይ ዘይኮነ ናይ ዘመናዊ ኣጽዋር ሓገዛት ትገብር ከምዘላን እዚ ናብ ዶብ ሱዳን ቀረባ ኣብ ዝኾነ ቦታታት ኤርትራ ይረአ ከም ዘሎን ዝተዕዘቡ ወገናት ይሕብሩ ኣለዉ። ሱዳንን ግብጽን ብሰንኪ ኣብ መንጎአን ዘሎ ናይ ሓላይብ ናይ ዶብ ጉዳይን ኣጠቓቕማ ሩባ ኒልን ክዓቢ ዝጸንሐ ጸገም ከም ዘለወን ፍሉጥ እዩ። ኣብዚ ምስሕሓብ መንግስቲ ኤርትራ ናብ ግብጺ ምውጋኑን ሱዳን ምስ ኢትዮጵያ ምስላፋን ከኣ ንሱዳንን ኤርትራን ካብ ዘሰሓሕብ ምኽንያታ ጌርካ ዝውሰድ እዩ። እዚ ኩሉ ተደሚሩ እምበኣር እቲ ዶባት ምስ ሱዳን ምዕጻዉ ኣብ ልዕሊ መሰረታዊ ቀረባት ኤርትራ ከስዕቦ ዝኽል ተጽዕኖን ናይ ዜጋታት ምምዝባልን ሓደ ኣሉታዊ ሳዕቤን ኮይኑ ንኤርትራ ዓውዲ ውግእ ናይ ምግባራ ሓደጋ ስለ ዝህልዎ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ከሎ ጌና ክነቕሓሉ ዝግበኦ እዩ።

ኤርትራን ሱዳንን ካብ ኣፍሪቃ ብሑቡራት መንግስታት ብመንጽር ዓለም ለኻዊ ሕጊ ነጻነት ሃይማኖት፡ ብዘዘውትረኦ ጥሕሰት ሃይማኖታዊ ነጻነት እንደጋና  ኣብ ፍሉይ ዘሻቕል ዝርዝር ዝሰፈራ ሃገራት ኮይነን።

ብጠቕላላ ብናይ ሕቡራት መንግስታት ኣሜሪካ ኣብዚ ናይ ሃይማኖታዊ ነጻነት ጥሕሰት ዝርዝር ዝኣተወ ሃገራት 10 እየን። ብዘይካዘን ክልተ ሃገራት ኣፍሪቃ (ኤርትራን ሱዳንን) ካብተን  ካለኦት ኣብቲ ዝርዝር ዝሰፈራ ቻይና፡ ከምኡ’ውን ኢራን፡ ሚያማርን ሰሜን ኮርያን ይርከበአን።

ምሉእ ትሕዝቶ ናይቲ ዝርዝር ንምጥቃስ፡ ታጃኪስታን፡ ቱርክመኒስታን፡ ኡዝበኪስታንን ናይ ሕቡራት መንግስታት ኣሜሪካ ዓባይ ናይ ንግዲ መሻርኽቲ ሳዑዲ ዓረብን  ኣብቲ ዝርዝር ኣለዋ። እዘን 10 ሃገራት እንደጋና ኣብቲ ዝርዝር ዝሰፈራ ኣብ ዝሓለፈ 22 ታሕሳስ ክኸውን እንከሎ፡ ፓኪስታ’ውን ብፍሉ ኣብ ናይ ምክትታል ዝርዝር ተታሒዛ ከምዘላ እቲ ሓጺር ጸብጻብ ኣረዲኡ።

ወጻኢ ጉዳይ ሕቡራት መንግስታት ኣሜሪካ ነዚ ብዝምልከት ኣብ ዘውጸኦ መግለጺ “ ምዕቃብ ሃይማኖታዊ ነጻነት፡ ንሰላም፡ ምርግጋእን ብልጽግናን መሰረታዊ ተደላዪ እዩ” ዝብል ሓሳብ ኣስፊሩ። ኣስዒቡ ድማ ናይዚ ዝርዝር ምውጻእ፡ እተን ኣብቲ ዝርዝር ሰፊረን ዘለዋ ሃገራት ሃይማኖታዊ ነጻነት ንከኽብራ ንምትብባዕ ዝዓለመ ምዃኑ ጠቒሱ።

ኤርትራ ሃይማኖት ብሰፊሕ ዝዝውተረላ ሃገር’ኳ እንተኾነ፡ እቲ መንግስቲ ግና ብዙሓት መራሕቲ ሃይማኖት ብዘይፍርዲ ኣሲሩ ኣሎ። ኣብ ኤርትራ ኣብ ዝሓለፈ ዓመት ወርሒ ሕዳር፡ መንግስቲ ኣብ ጉዳይ መስርሕ ትምህርቶም ምስ ኣተወን ሓለፍቶም ምስ ኣሰረን ተመሃሮ እስላማዊ ትምህርቲ ኣብ ጐደናታት ኣስመራ ናይ ተቓውሞ ሰልፊ ኣካይዶም እዮም። ነዚ ናይ መንግስቲ ኢድ ኣእታውነትን ተቓውሞ ተመሃሮን ስዒቡ ብዛዕባ ሃይማኖት ኣብ ኤርትራ ብዙሓት ዛዕባታት ይለዓሉ ኣለዉ።.

ሱዳን ብወገና ብሓፈሻ ኣንጻር ሃይማኖት ብፍላይ ከኣ ኣብ ልዕሊ ሰዓብቲ ምስልምና ዘይኮኑ ሃይማኖታዊ ጸቕጢ ከም እትገብር ከም ሕሱም ክትከሰ ዝጸንሐት ሃገር እያ። ንነጻነት ደቡብ ሱዳን ምኽንያት ካብ ዝኾኑ ጠንቅታት ሃይማኖታዊ ነጻነት ዝምልከት ጉዳያት ሓደ እዩ። ሰሜናዊ ክፋል ናይ ሱዳን ብዓብላልነት ሃይማኖት ምስልምና ኮይኑ፡ ኣብ ደቡብ ከኣ ክርስትና ኣሎ።

ትርጉም /ጽ ዜና ሰዲህኤ

Seyoum's  schoolmates in May 1962 included: Woldedawit,

Michael Ghaber, Mussie Tesfamichael, Haile  and Isaias.


As we, old comrades-in-struggle of Patriot Seyoum Ogbamichael (Harestai) solemnly mark today, 17 December 2017, the 12th year  of his sudden and untimely passing away in a poorly-equipped Addis Ababa hospital, we do remember him for so many vividly memorable deeds and events, some of them resonating well with the Akriya of 31 October 2017. Martyr Seyoum was present with his schoolmates at a meeting of student demonstrators in Akriya 55 years ago!! And, ironically, those schoolmates of Seyoum included Eritrea's autocrat, Isaias Afeworki, who is today against everything that his generation dreamt of.

As every genuine patriot worth his/her salt would confirm it - and forgetting the bla bla of revisionists of history and facts - Akriya was always a hotbed  of nationalist politics inside Asmara, and a hiding place for  freedom fighters. Even Martyr Seyoum Harestai  spent a couple of nights in an ELF urban hideout rented inside Akriya in August 1965 upon his (and Woldedawit Temesghen's) return to the city to organize people. (This writer, who attended the Mai Anbessa meeting of  55 years ago, also had the honour of spending a night with the two ELF fighters in Akriya precisely 52 years ago). Hajji Mussa M. Nur, co-organizer with Martyr Tuku Yihdego and group of the ELM/Mahber-Shewate demonstration over a year earlier, and who provided shelter and logistics to heroic Saeed Hussein and his ELF Fedayeen team for the successful airport operation of 1963, was for sure in Asmara/Akriya in May 1962 and was no doubt proud of what the young students were doing. One would hope he will survive the PFDJ prison of today and tell us how he would compare the 31 October 2017 demonstration with the demonstration of May 1962!

Seyoum 12th anniversary of his martyrdom 2

Ustaz Beshir School/Akriya-inspired demonstration of 31 October 2017 and the

Prince Mekonnen Secondary School-initiated demo of May 1962

had similar messages: Natsinet/Harnet Delina, Hagizuna!


Sadly, we are in a period forcing one to say with absolute certainty that our Asmara of the 1960s was better in many ways than Isaias Afeworki's Asmara of 2017 where a 93-year-old grandfather, Hajji Mussa, is incarcerated simply because his speech allegedly "incited" students to try to demonstrate in a nation that has been obliged to delete the word "demonstration" from its dictionary. 


For the sake of the new generation that may know very little about Seyoum Harestai and his era of student militancy, who are a tiny minority today, I will write a few more lines about who he was and why he was at that the Mai Anbessa/Akriya meeting of students way back in May 1962!!


Seyoum Harestai

Seyoum Ogbamichael, one of Eritrea's strong-willed generation of freedom fighters, died on 17 December 2005 at the age of 59 reportedly of heart failure while serving as chairman of the Eritrean Liberation Front - Revolutionary Council (ELF-RC) and while discussing issues related to the formation of the present-day EPDP. Seyoum joined the armed struggle in March 1965 following a big student demonstration and after six months returned to Asmara clandestinely to give organizational shape to  urban sympathizer of the nationalist cause. On 31 August 1965, Seyoum and Woldedawit were arrested by the Ethiopian security while meeting people in a hiding place near Kidane Mihret at a tailor's shop of a son of Akriya, Siraj Ahmed, the martyr of Barentu in 1978. 

Between their arrest in August 1965 and February 1975, Seyoum and Woldedawit spent ten years in prison until the ELF liberated them together with other 1,000 Adi Qualla prisoners. Seyoum was at one time chairman of the General Union of Eritrean Peasants during which he led ELF's land distribution plan to landless peasants, and thus earned the nick-name of "Seyoum Harestai." Needless to say, he was among those patriots who were denied  the return back home after liberation in 1991. When he died while on mission in Addis, his remains were brought to Europe for burial in the Netherlands.

Now Back to the Story of Demonstrations..

In Eritrea's pre-liberation era, what became impossible after 1991 was to some extent possible and safe. During Emperor Haile Selassie's reign in the 1960s, people did not face what EPLF freedom fighters faced in 1993 when they  asked for minimum rights for daily survival. Student protesters in the 1960s were not shot at or killed like what happened to the disabled EPLF veterans in 1994 for voicing for attention and minimum care. Nor were prisoners of that era condemned to "detention until death", as UN's Sheila Keetharuth would put it, bringing to one's mind the situation of G-11 prisoners and many of their likes who are languishing in regime dungeons for decades without a day at court.

Ethiopia's or any alien occupier's abuses and absolute denial of rights could have been considered normal, and not normal by a government of independent Eritrea. But PFDJ's lawless Eritrea is not a normal state. As noted, PFDJ is against almost everything that Seyoum Harestai and his generation's demonstrators stood for.

Student demonstrations were frequent in the Asmara of the '60s, but those demonstrators did not at anytime face death intimidations in the form of massive live gunshots as what happened on 31 October 2017 for very simple demands: the right to continue their normal school life started way back in 1967.

On the other hand, Asmara demonstrators of half a century ago raised much bigger political issues than the demands of the attempted demonstration of last October that started from Akriya. The issues raised by the Asmara demonstrators of May 1962 were challenges to the Eritrean Assembly and to  the Emperor of Ethiopia.

As my references show, the Eritrean Assembly was to meet in the third week of May 1962 to resume discussion started the previous year about one 1 million birr grant by the Emperor to cover a deficit in the Eritrean Government budget of 18 million birr for the year 1960/61. Some members of the assembly, the like of Misghina Gebrezghi and Estifanos of (Decamere), were rejecting the Emperor's grant. They were arguing that Ethiopia had to pay to the Eritrean Government the sum of 72 million birr  as unpaid arrears in  the form of customs and federal levies. Seyoum Harestai and schoolmates in the then Prince Mekonnen Secondary School believed and hoped - understandably, quite naively - that their demonstration during the Assembly's meeting would influence the 68 Eritrean legislators towards changing the status of Eritrea, including the return of young students' favourite Blue Flag that was lowered down in the autumn of 1958.

They were big, big demands by student demonstrators! Yet, no live shots were directed to intimidate Seyoum and his co-demonstrators of 23 May 1962 who passed running near the Eritrean Assembly building in the then  'combishtato' (Campo Citato),  singing 'we ask freedom, help us' - Tigrilgna:

                   Natsinet Delina,


Again, unlike what happened on 31 October 2017, there was no single gunshot heard that day 55 years ago except the threats of horse-riding police (Bolis Abay) carrying black rubber sticks. Some students were, for sure arrested, but the rest of them were scattered to northern directions, up to Akria and Biet Giorghis.

Mai Anbessa Meeting of Student Demonstrators

The issue for the next day's demonstration was the demand for the release of detained students. To organize it, students agreed to meet at short distance north of Akriya.  We later learned that the location of the meeting place was called Mai Anbessa.

My classmate Seyoum and I were among those who attended that meeting at which a few students made "speeches" encouraging each other against the police threats and their use of the rubber batons. I vividly recall that one of the speakers at Mai Anbessa  was a girl by the name of Minnia (whose name I retained for always because she carried the name of my sister). Seyoum, the latter-day eloquent orator, was not among the speakers; instead, it was me, whose Tigrigna was still Kerenite, that counted among those who said something  related to the demonstration. After a while, policemen were seen heading towards the meeting place brandishing their rubble sticks - no guns!! For sure, there were police beatings. Many took shelter in Akriya homes while others continued the run towards city centre, making sort of a successful second-day "running demonstration",  and partly achieving  the objective of Mai Anbessa gathering. On the fourth day (or may be the fifth day), all students previously detained were released.

Naturally, the May 1962 demonstration did not bring immediate changes - and of course no restoration of the Blue Flag ... kkkkk .... yet, that event sent its big message across the land!!


Together with the student demonstrations of those years, including the remarkable March 1965 demonstration in the city and later beyond it, the May 1962 chant of demonstrators calling the people for action - Natsinet Delina, Hagizuna -  was gradually received well and influenced many citizens' nationalist awareness. Young students started joining the liberation struggle, as Seyoum and Woldedawit did in early 1965.


They say that no one can stop an idea whose time has come. A momentous start or re-start can be initiated by anyone, anywhere - say by Seyoum and his schoolmates in  May 1962, or by the young Akriya boys and girls of 31 October 2017 from Ustaz Beshir Private School.


Today's call from Ustaz Beshir School is Harnet Delina, Hagizuna. And it is  loud and clear. This renewed message for action will  gradually but surely reach every corner of the nation, including Eritrea's hapless diaspora dispersed all over the globe. This new momentum from student demonstrators in Asmara will hopefully realize the much deferred dreams of so many Eritrean generations.


Thank you Akriya of the old good days of Seyoum and his generation that helped awaken thousands for national struggle, and thank you Akriya of today - Akriya of Hajji Mussa M. Nur,  Akriya of so many great patriots of this nation with unfulfilled dreams.


May your soul rest in peace, Seyoum, and may Hajji Mussa and co-prisoners survive their ordeal in PFDJ prisons and be able to see the realization of the deferred dreams of our countless martyrs, both fighters and civilians!!

ጨንፈር ሰዲህኤ ፍራንክፎርትን ከባቢኣን ደምዳሚ ኣኼባ ናይ 2017፡ ብዕለት 10 ታሕሳስ 2017 ኣካይዱ። እቲ ኣኼባ ብኣቦ መንበር ጨንፈር ሓው ታደሰ ኣስመላሽ ሰላምታን ሰናይ ምንዮትን ድሕሪ ምኽፋቱ፡ ነቲ መዓልቲ ኣብ ዝተታሕዙ ኣጀንዳታት ተኣትዩ።

ካብ ዝተሰርዑ  ኣጀንዳታት፡-

1 - እዋናዊ ሰልፋውን ዞናውን ሓበሬታታት፤

2 - ስርዓት ህግደፍ  ዝፍጽሞ ዘሎ ምግሃስ ሃይማኖታዊ ምምሕዳርን ኢድ ኣእታውነትን፤

3 - ግደ መራሕቲ ሃይማኖትን ትካላቱን ኣብ ፍትሕን፡ ሰላምን፡ ማዕርነት ደቂ-ሰባትን ዝብሉ ኔሮም።

ብመሰረት ዝቐረበ ዛዕባታት ኣኼባ፡ እዋናዊ ሓበሬታታት ምልውዋጥ ተኻይዱ። ብፍላይ ድማ ኣብዚ ቅንያት እዚ ኣብ መንጎ መራሕቲ ኣፍሪቃውያን ሃገራትን ሕብረት ኤውሮጳን ክካየድ ዝቐነየ ንጉዳይ ስደተኛታት ዝምልከት ኣኼባታት ድሕሪ ምዝርራብ፡ ንሕና እቶም ቀንዲ ሰብ ጉዳይ ዝኾና ኣብ ስደትን ምብትታንን ንርከብ ኣህዛብ፣ ሽግራትና ኣብ ምፍታሕ ብዝያዳ ተጠርኒፍናን ተቢዕናን ክንቃለስ ኣሎና ክብል ኣኼበኛ ተማሕጺኑ።

እብዚ ዝሓለፈ ወርሒ፡ ኣብ ምሉእ ዓለም ዝነብሩ ኤርትራውያን ደለይቲ ፍትሒ፡ ኣብ ዘዝቕመጡሉ ሃገራት፡ ነቲ ስርዓት ህግደፍ ዝገብሮ ዘሎ ኢድ ምትእትታው ኣብ ሃይማኖታዊ ትካላትን ምእሳር ኣማሕደርቱን ብምቅዋም ጽዑቕ ሰላማዊ ሰልፍታት ከካይዱ ወሪሖምዮም። ኣኼበኛ ድማ ነዚ ጉዳይዚ መበገሲ ብምግባር፡ ንኹሉ ስርዓት ህግደፍ ዝገብሮ ዘሎ ገበናት ናይ ምእሳር መራሕትን ኣመንትን ዝተፈልለያ ሃይማኖታት፡ ምፍራስን ምውራስን ሃይማኖታዊ ትካላትን፡ ክሳብ ንኣገልገልቲ ሃይማኖት ገፊፍካ ናብ ወታሃደራዊ ኣገልግሎት ምውሳድን ብረት ምዕጣቖምን ዘይንቡር ነውራም ተግባራት ብምቅዋም፥ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ድማ ንኩሉ ዓይነት ብዙሕነታቱ ብምክብባር ተጠርኒፉ ንመሰሉ ክቃለስ ከም ዘለዎ ኣማራጺ ዘይብሉ መገዲ ሰላም ምዃኑ ኣኼበኛ ተመልኪቱ። ስርዓት ህግደፍ ዝገብሮ ዘሎ ሃማኖታዊ ፍልልያት ንምግፋሕን ግርጭታት እንዳፈጠርካ ምንቛትን ብስም ሃይማኖት ምትላልን ድማ፡ ህዝቢ ክነቕሓሉን ተጠርኒፉ ክምክቶን ከም ዘለዎ ኣኼበኛ ኣስሚሩሉ።

Frankfurt Barnch Last meeting 10122017

ብመንጽር እቲ ህግደፍ ኣብ ሃይማኖታዊ ትካልትን ምምሕዳሩን ዝኽተሎ ዘሎ ናይ ዓመጽን ግህሰታትን ፖሊሲ፡ ሰዲህኤ ግን፡ ሃይማኖትን መንግስትን ክልተ ዝተፈላለዩ ጉዳያት ምዃኖም ብምርግጋጽ፣ ሰኩልያር ስርዓተ-መንግስቲ ንምህናጽ ኣብ መንጎ ሃይማኖትን መንግስትን ኢድ ምትአትታው  ክህሉ ከም ዘይብሉ ይኣምን። ከም መቐጸልታ ናይዚ ድማ ሰ.ዲ.ህ.ኤ. ሓያልን ኣዎንታዊ አምንቶኡን ኣብ ሃይማኖታዊ ናጽነት የረጋግጽን፣ ሃይማኖት ኣብ ዉልቀን  ሕብረተሰብን ዘለዎ ክብርን ጽልዋን ድማ ይፈልጥን የኽብርን ክብል፡ ሓደ ኣብ ጉዳይ እቲ ሓደ ኢድ ከእቱ ከም ዘይግባእ ኣብ ፕሮግራሙ ኣስፊሩዎ ምህላዉ ዓንቀጽ ብምጥቃስ ተረጋጊጹ።

መንግስቲ ይኹን ገዛእቲ ሓይልታት፡ ኣብ ልዕሊ ህዝቢ ንዘርእይዎ ዓመጽ፡ መራሕቲ ሃይማኖት ከም ደቂ ሃገር ኩሉ ሃገራዊ ጉዳይ ስለዝምልከቶም ብኣገባቦም ህዝቢ ንኸይብደልን፡ ሰላምን ፍትሕን ንኽነግስን፡ ህዝቢ ክምህሩን ክቃወሙን ሃይማኖታዊ ተልእኾኦም እዩ። ኣብ ተሞክሮ ቃልስና ይኹን ተሞክሮ ናይ ዓለም ቃልስታት እንተረኣናውን ብዙሓት ናይ ሃይማኖት መራሕቲ ኣብ ጎድኒ ህዝቦም ኮይኖም ንፍትሒ ተጣቢቆም እዮም። ኣብ መስርሕ ብረታዊ ተጋድሎ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ክሳብ ብረት ተሰኪሞም ኣብ ዓውደ ኲናት  ምእንቲ መሰል ውጹዕ ህዝቦም ዝተሰዉኡ መነኮሳት ምንባሮም፡ ሕጂውን መራሕትን ኣመንትን ዝተፈላለያ ሃይማኖታት ንፍትሕን መሰልን ህዝቦም እናተጣበቑ ብስርዓት ህግደፍ ዝወርዶም ዘሎ ግፍዒ ማእለያ ከምዘይብሉ ኣኼባ ኣረጋጊጹ ንዘርእይዎ ዘለዉ ተባዕ መከተን ተወፋይነትን ድማ ንኢዱን ኣመስጊኑን።

ድሕርዚ፡ ናይ 2018 ፈላሚ ኣኼባ ዕለትን ሰዓትን ብምሕባር ኣኼባ ብዝኽሪ ስዉኣት ተደምዲሙ።

ምምሕዳር ቤት ጽሕፈት ውደባዊ ጉዳያት ሰልፊ ዲሞክራሲ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ኣብ ዝተፈላለዩ ኩርነዓት ዝርከቡ ወከልቱ ኣብ ዝተሳተፍዎ ብመሪሕነት ናይቲ ቤት ጽሕፈት ሓላፊ ብጻይ ተስፋይ ወልደሚካኤ (ደጊጋ)፡ ብ9 ታሕሳስ 2017 ኣብ ዘካየዶ ኣኼባ፡ ናይ መደባት ኣተገባብራ ሜላታት ተመያይጡ ኣጽዲቑ። ኣብዚ ኣኼባ ብጻይ ተስፋይ መእተዊ ቃል ምስ ኣስመዐ፡  ኣብ ኩሉ ኩርነዓት ዓለም ናይ ዘለዋ ጨንፈራትን ንኡስ ዞባታትን ዞባታትን ሰዲህኤ ምንቅስቓስን ሃለዋትን ብዝምልከት ብወከልቲ  ጸብጻባት ሰሚዑ። ድሕሪ እዚ ኣብዚ ዝቐረበ ጸብጻባት፡ ኣቐዲሙ ብመሪሕነት ሰልፊ ዝጸደቐ ዓመታዊ መደባትን መደብ ምሕዳስ ሰልፍን ተመስሪቱ በብመዳዩ ንኣፈጻጽማ ብዝምልከት ኣቐዲሙ ዝተዳለወ ንድፊ ኣፈጻጽማ ተመያይጡን ኣድላይ ዝበሎ ምትዕርራያት ብምግባርን ኣጽዲቑ።

ኣኼባ ቤት ጽሕፈት ውድባዊ ጉዳያት  ዝያዳ ቆላሕታ ሂቡ ዝተመያየጠሎምን ሜላ ኣተገባብራ ዝሓንጸጸሎምን ዛዕባታት፡ ምምሕዳራዊ፡ ምልመላን ምንቕቓሕን፡ ምድልዳል ስርርዕን ምስፋሕ ኣባልነትን፡ ኣርካይቭን ስነዳን፡  ሰሰን ሰብኣዊ ምንጭን ምስራዕ ቀጻሊ ኣኼባ ኣባላትን ምንጣፍ ኣብ ስረሓት ሓድነት ሓይልታት ተቓውሞን ዝብሉ ይርከብዎም። እዚኣቶም እቶ ቀንዲ ጉዳያት ኮይኖም ኣብ ትሕቲ ነፍሲ ወከፎም ዝሰፈሩ ዝርዝር ሜላታት ኣለዉዎም። እቲ ኣኼባ ሜላታት ምጽዳቕ ጥራይ ዘይኮነ ስረሓት ንምቅልጣፍን ኣድላይነት ተሓታትነት ንምትብባዕን ነፍሲ ወከፍ መደብ ዘተግብሩን ዝከታተሉን ኣባላት መዲቡ።

ኣብዚ ኣኼባ እቲ መደባት ንክዕወት ተሳትፎ ሓፋሽ ኣባላት ሰልፊ መተካእታ ዘየብሉ ምዃኑ ብምርዳእ፡ ኣብ ቀጻሊ ምስ ኩሎም ኣባላት ሰልፊ ቀጻሊ ርክባት ከም ዝግበር መዲቡ ኣሎ። ምስዚ ኣተሓሒዙ ድማ ኣብ ዝተፈላለዩ ከባብታት ተጀሚሩ ዘሎ ምስ ኣብ ከባቢኻ ዝርከቡ ምሓዙት ውድባት ኣብ ኣገደስቲ ኣጋጣምታት ሓቢርካ ምንቅስቓስ ኣተባቢዑ እዚ ኣብ ኩሉ ከባቢ ንክካየድ ክጽዕት ምዃኑ እውን ኣስፊሩ።