EPDP Delegation Takes Part at Crucial SPD Congress in Berlin

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A two-person delegation of the Eritrean People’s Democratic Party (EPDP) took part in fraternal SPD’s important congress held between 6 and 8 December 2019 in Berlin at which this oldest German social democratic party confirmed the election of its leadership headed by two persons, Mr. Norbert Walter-Borjans and Mrs. Saskia Esken. The SPD co-chairpersons have been chosen in a preceding survey vote by party members.

The SPD congress also discussed and adopted programmatic agenda for the future that included new resolutions on social matters, the climate crisis and foreign and security policies.

EPDP Deligation to Berlin 2

The EPDP delegation consisted of Dr. Aklilu Ghirmai, Central Council member currently heading the Administration of the Chairman Office, and Mr. Tzehaie Kubrom, senior party cadre responsible for EPDP relations in Germany. The delegation managed to hold important side-talks with a good number of SPD congress delegates as well as with invited guests representing sister parties.

The EPDP delegation also handed over messages to the SPD leadership and the newly elected Coordinator of the Progressive who is also a senior SPD figure.

The EPDP Chairman, Mr. Tesfai Woldemichale (Degiga) In his message addressed to the then Acting Chairwoman, Ms Malu Dreyer, warmly saluted the entire SPD rank and file and wished their “worthy party a resounding success at its current congress.” The message briefly highlighted the never improving political and human rights situation in Eritrea and looked forward for closer discussion on the matter with the new SPD leadership.  

The other EPDP message carried by the delegation was from the party’s head of Foreign Relations, Mr. Berhane Debessu, to Mr. Conny Reuter, the newly elected Coordinator of the Progressive Alliance. Mr. Berhane Debessu congratulated the senior SPD official for his new post and confirmed to him that the EPDP, a party in exile, will continue representing Eritrea at many future conventions of the Progressive Alliance of which it was one of the founding member of the Alliance together with the SPD at Leipzig, Germany, in 2013.

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