Winnipeg, Canada, Enjoys a Rare Public Discourse on Eritrean Issues

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Chairman of the Eritrean People's Democratic Party (EPDP), Mr. Menghesteab Asmerom, and EPDP Chair Office Representative for North America, Mr. Gherezghiher Tewelde, on 15 July 2017 conducted an open public meeting on Eritrean issues  in the Canadian city of Winnipeg. The event was unique of its kind due to the fact no such high-level delegation from the Eritrean opposition camp ever organized such a meeting in far-away central Canada.   

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EPDP Winnipeg Branch Chairman, Mr. Naizghi Bahlai, introduced the speakers by  giving brief background notes about their active life-time devotion at all phases of  the Eritrean people's cause for national liberation and, nowadays, for democratic change.

Following the introductory remarks, Mr. Menghesteab Asmerom explained in great detail the political mission and vision of the EPDP and pointed out some of the satisfactory performances of his party in the uphill struggle of the Eritrean people from exile.

At his 5th public meeting so far in North  America, the EPDP Chairman noted that the party continues without fail to raise public awareness on the urgency of everybody's

EPDP Chairman Canada Meeting


participation in the struggle to remove a repressive regime and replace it by a democratic system of governance.  Besides encouraging open discourse among Eritreans, the party also strives to create wider awareness of the Eritrean situation among world governments and organizations. He added that EPDP's active involvement among the 50 parties in the Progressive Alliance and its contacts with governments and international organizations are helpful in the  current Eritrean struggle.

The EPDP Chairman also talked about the commendable public mobilization and outreach by branches and zonal groupings of the party in all the five continents.  Likewise, he mentioned some of the vital social services rendered to refugee children and veterans of the struggle by party members working in close cooperation with other benefactors in several parts of the world.

This was followed by an explanation of the 4 June 2017 EPDP proposal for joint work with other organizations in the opposition camp as was presented in his previous public meetings called in the Bay Area of California, in San Diego, in Chicago and in Seattle.

Messrs. Menghesteab Asmerom and Gherezghiher Tewelde jointly took part in responding to questions and comments raised by discussants in the meeting.

It is to be noted that two days earlier on 13 July, both the EPDP Chairman and his representative in North America, also held discussions with interested compatriots in Saskatoon on vital issues affecting Eritrea and its people today.   

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