A two-day seminar convened in Goteborg, Sweden

2019-12-07 17:20:07 Written by  Zehaie Keleta Published in Community Center Read 2766 times

A two-day seminar convened in Goteborg, Sweden on the disappearance of children in Europe, the migration of under-age children, forced National Service, human trafficking and the illegal sale of human organs.

A two-day seminar organized by International Association for higher public schools (Internationella Folkhögskolan) in cooperation with ABF (SDP Sweden), SAIN Party (Partido SAIN), Ph. Dignitex from Spain and HomeNet South Asia was convened from November 30 to December 1, 2019.


Members of the EPDP, brother Tsehaye Keleta and brother Baire Gebreweld who participated in the seminar, explained the critical situation of Eritrea and its people by elaborating the transgression (of the law), oppression and forced national service inflicted on the Eritrean people by the PFDJ Regime. Two guests from Spain, Mrs. Corina Fuks and Mr. Juan Sabin, disclosed the existence of a large prostitution market for African Immigrants by Mafia smugglers and deliberated that Spain is the gate for marketing child slaves during their broad presentation based on documents and research. 

On the second day, brother Tsehaye Keleta reiterated the PFDJ regime’s brutal rule by exposing that Eritrea is an isolated country with complete absence of constitution, parliament, democratic election, freedom of press and speech and that Eritrea has no university but 360 detention centers, instead. There is only one government-owned TV station and only one government-owned newspaper in the country. He also explained that the main victims of this condition are the youth and under-age children who are forced to join the National Service and/or leave the country. To this effect, Tsehaye presented the portraits of parentless children that have taken refuge in Ethiopia and the Sudan.

Then followed the marvelous situation in Thailand, Pakistan and Afghanistan supported by pictures. Participants, astounded by our country’s situation, asked many questions and especially the representatives of the two Associations from Spain said that they had no clue that the Eritrean people were going through these kinds of harsh conditions. They even suggested that the world should know this worrisome condition and advised us to visit Spain and explain our country’s condition, offering to connect us with journalists. They criticized the world for giving deaf ear to the situation in Eritrea and finally took all the pictures and promised to invite us. 



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