Special UN Human Rights Rapporteur Kravetz Replaced by Sudanese Lawyer

2020-10-13 12:15:49 Written by  EPDP Information Office Published in EPDP News Read 1101 times

The UN Human Rights Council reported on 8 October 2020 that it appointed Mohammed Abdusalam Babikir from the Sudan to replace Professor Daniel Kravetz who resigned as the UN Special Rapporteur for Eritrea.

It is to be recalled that the 45th Session of the UN Human Rights Council had earlier this summer extended the mandate of Daniela Kravetz for a one year period and was expecting her to summit an oral update on the human rights situation in Eritrea in March 2021.

No reasons were given as to why Professor Kravetz of Chile resigned after serving two years holding the mandate to monitor human rights situation in Eritrea.

 It has been 8 years now since the mandate holders, Daniela Kravetz, and before her Sheila Keetharuth before her, were obliged to report from outside Eritrea because the Asmara regime denied them entry to the country. The UN HR Council or the UN system did nothing to overcome that problem.

Growing concerns among Eritreans now is what will happen next, and how the Sudanese lawyer will report on the situation in Eritrea

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