Up to 20,000 Eritreans Expected to Hold Demonstration at UN Geneva on 31 August

2018-08-22 08:33:54 Written by  EPDP Information Office Published in EPDP News Read 8138 times

Eritrean pro-change, peace and democracy activists from many countries are mobilizing worldwide to hold a huge Eritrea Day in Geneva on 31 August 2018 by demonstrating in front of the UN Headquarters in protest against the repressive regime in Asmara and the ongoing undeserved sympathy being offered to it by regional and global actors who seem to be neglectful of the unchanged human rights and political situation on the ground in our country.

Demonstration organizers promise that Eritrean protests are coming to Geneva in big numbers not only from European countries but also from many regions of planet Earth where many Eritreans have been forced take refuge trying to escape death or intolerable abuses in the hands of their own regime. Many human rights organizations and activists confirm the fact that the entire Eritrean nation has, indeed, been turned into a huge prison for the past 27 years – a period corresponding to Nelson Mandela's time at the hated Robben Island prison.

The organizers further inform via various media outlets that the demonstration will send a clear Eritrean people’s message to all concerned, regionally and globally: that no sustainable deal for peace with Ethiopia can be attained by an unrepresentative regime in Asmara which seems to be bent at compromising Eritrean sovereignty to in order to escape charges of crimes against humanity.     

Initiated at the grassroots level and supported by everyone in the Eritrean justice seekers’ camp, the demonstration is expected to make strong calls on UN member states and African countries, including Ethiopia, that the one-man dictatorship in Asmara is rendered illegitimate since a long time and that deals made with it are null and void in the eyes of the Eritrean people. For over quarter of a century since its independence, the country remains without a constitution, national elections and without any basic rights to the people.

On 1st of September, which is the 57th anniversary of the start of the Eritrean armed liberation struggle in 1961, the demonstration organizers plan to hold a wide meeting in Geneva to elect a provisional body that would try to bring together all stakeholders in the struggle for democratic change.

Expectations are that the demonstration will be much bigger than the one held in Geneva two years ago. It is to be recalled that estimated 15,000 Eritreans demonstrated in Geneva in June 2016 in support of the findings and conclusions of the UN Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea which called for accountability against potential perpetrators of crimes against humanity in Eritrea since 1991.

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