EPDP Seeks Good Relations with Fraternal Government of the Sudan

2018-02-07 20:36:54 Written by  EPDP Information Office Published in EPDP News Read 1938 times

The Eritrean People's Democratic Party (EPDP) on 6 February 2018 addressed an important memorandum to the Government of neighborly Sudan expressing:  a) the "deep anxiety and apprehension" of many Eritreans in the opposition camp about the  the build-up of tensions in the region, and b) listing modest requests "for solidarity with and support to" Eritreans everywhere by the Government and people of fraternal Sudan. 


Sent through Sudanese  Foreign Minister, Professor Ibrahim Ghandour, with copies to Sudanese embassies in many world capitals, the EPDP memorandum recalled Sudan's role in support of Eritrea's liberation struggle and expressed optimism for resumption of good relations between the Sudan and Eritreans struggling for democratic change because the one-man regime in Asmara  "has once again proven itself to be incorrigible and unworthy of trust". 


The memorandum also appealed to the Sudan to do its utmost to avert any resumption of armed hostilities in the region, and to advise its embassies to cooperate with and assist diaspora Eritreans in many ways possible. Listed below are the EPDP requests from the People and Government of the Sudan:


  • "Fraternal Sudan to do all what it takes to avert any armed conflict with the provocative regime in Asmara because [armed conflict]  will only worsen the already bad situation of the Eritrean people;

  • We warmly welcome  Sudan's position in regard to the fair use of the Nile waters, and we encourage continuation of this conciliatory stance for safeguarding peaceful co-existence of peoples in the Nile basin;

  • Your esteemed Ministry and Government not to normalize relations (at least not fully) with Eritrea under its untrustworthy regime of Isaias Afeworki, and to kindly never again allow regime agents from Asmara to return to Sudanese cities and intimidate the tens of thousands of Eritrean refugees under your kind protection and generous support;

  • The  total closure of the Sudan-Eritrea border has already started to worsen the situation of our people. We therefore request your Government, while strictly controlling regime-sponsored illegal activities, to kindly allow movement of  people and commerce in the border area. This kind action can  prevent the likely occurrence of a much worse humanitarian disaster  that can also eventually affect the Sudan as well as the entire region;

  • The Sudan to kindly continue enhancing its fight against all types of human traffickers and abusers in the region; and

  • Finally, allow us to request  your esteemed Ministry to kindly advise its Embassies abroad to provide needed assistance and support to Eritrean refugees in many parts of the world, and encourage people-to-people relations between Sudanese and Eritrean communities".
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