EPDP Delegation Asks Norwegian Party to Support Eritrean Pro-Democracy Forces

2017-10-14 07:35:46 Written by  EPDP Norway Branch Published in EPDP News Read 1724 times

A delegation of the Eritrean People's Democratic Party (EPDP) on 12 October met in Oslo with a senior official of the Norwegian Labour Party (Arbeiderpartiet), which is the country's largest political formation, and strongly appealed for timely support in unifying and strengthening Eritrean forces struggling for democratic change in their country. 

Led by Mr. Tesfai Woldemichael (Degiga), of the EPDP Organizational Office, the delegation included Mr. Medhanie Habtezghi, head of EPDP Youth Affairs; Mr. Osman Jaber, representative of the Foreign Affairs Office; Mr. Khalifa Abdalla, branch secretary, and Mr. Mussie Amar, in charge of Norway branch finances and property.

The delegation members spoke in great length to describe the appalling situation of the Eritrean people, both inside the country and in exile, caused by an extremely repressive  one-man dictatorship that reversed the great expectations Eritreans and their friends had 26 years ago in the future of an independent Eritrea.   

After recounting efforts being made inside Eritrea and abroad by political and civil associations and movements seeking democratic change in Eritrea, Mr. Tesfai Degiga and his delegation members  recognized Norway's historical relations with the Eritrean people and appealed for their support in those efforts for democratic change.

On his part, the senior Norwegian Labour Party official confirmed his party's sympathies and close follow up of the Eritrean situation, and thanked EPDP for the continued flow of information on Eritrean developments. It is to be noted that both the Arbeiderpartiet and the EPDP are founding members of the Progressive Alliance at whose frequent conferences meet delegations of both parties.

Mr. Tesfai Degiga is currently on a mission to Norway where he is meeting fraternal  groups and compatriots. He is also scheduled to hold a public meeting in Oslo on 14 October.


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