Final Statement of the 8th Regular Meeting of EPDP Central Council

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The Central Council of the Eritrean People's Democratic Party (EPDP) ended its 8th regular meeting  on 17 September 2017 after a chain of five sessions held since 26 August 2017.During those sessions, the Council solemnly reviewed and weighed  internal Eritrean and regional developments. Likewise, the Council thoroughly discussed various reports of the Executive Committee and, after making necessary changes and improvements, adopted them as legal party documents.


Topmost in the agenda of the 8th regular meeting of the Council was the ongoing distressing situation in Eritrea under the dictatorial PFDJ regime, and how this dilemma could be overcome. To this end, and after commending the efforts so far exerted by Eritrean activists and the international community in exposing the true nature of the regime and the crimes it has been committing against the new nation, the EPDP Central Council encouraged all struggling forces and their supporters to redouble their struggle in order to shorten the days suffering in Eritrea.


In addition, the Council reviewed and agreed on appropriate decisions regarding an anomaly that transpired within the North America zone of the party; the process of the Party Renewal project now underway, and the proposal for joint work in the Eritrean opposition camp. In regard to these issues, the Council agreed on points summarized below.

On North America Zone

After reviewing and weighing the various disruptive acts in the region and the legitimate and constitutional corrective measures taken by party leadership, the 8th regular meeting resolved as follows:

  1. The unruly acts and wild pronouncements of  some elements of the ex-zone committee in North America have nothing to do with the EPDP and its organs;
  2. Highly commended  EPDP North America members who are  abiding  by decisions of the party leadership elected at the second EPD Congress  and who are closely cooperating with the newly formed Preparatory Committee for an emergency zonal congress for North America party branches;
  3.  Likewise, the EPDP Council called upon all members in North America to closely cooperate with the Preparatory Committee and share their views by attending  the emergency congress now under preparation.  


On Party Renewal Process

Building on the decision of its 7th regular meeting of a year ago on the paramount importance of launching a process in party renewal, the Central Council thoroughly discussed report of its committee assigned a year ago to study the subject matter and decided as follows:


  1. Adopted the Party Renewal document after making necessary additions and changes;
  2. Formed a new Commission mandated to draft implementation modalities and to continue studying additional possibility for a successful party renewal; 
  3. The Council also decided to hold extraordinary meetings every two months to receive reports of the Commission and take necessary resolutions on the project.


On EPDP Proposal for Joint Work in the Opposition Camp

Acknowledging the fact that we in the Eritrean opposition camp as a whole did not measure up to the required level joint action to address as a matter of urgency the situation in Eritrea, the meeting affirmed that the EPDP proposal for joint work of the forces in the opposition was timely and critically important. Beside extending its deep appreciation to all organizations that so far positively reacted to the proposal with comments and further queries for clarifications, the Council mandated the Executive Committee to make extended outreach be they  individual organizations and/or groupings/alliances to promote the idea of joint action. Further, the Council called upon all political organizations and civil association in the opposition camp to review the weaknesses of the past in a responsible manner and make a new start with vigour and redoubled energy.

The regular meeting also discussed a report from the standing committee on financial and social affairs, and made distinction on matters that need further scrutiny by the committee and those that have be put to implementation by the executive body.

Based on its findings on current developments in the Red Sea Basin, which are far from serving the interests of our people and the general security of the region, the EPDP Central Council expressed its deep concern about the dangers posed by the lawless actions and relations of the Eritrean regime. Thus, in order to confront the looming dangers to Eritrea's every existence, the Council called upon the opposition camp to urgently look for a viable formula for joint work, and urged the Eritrean defence forces and regime sympathizers in diaspora to stand on the side of their victimized people.

As part of its agenda, this 8th regular meeting of the Council elected party chairman on the basis of its constitutional article 6.1.6. Eight candidates nominated by the new chairperson as his team were voted one after the other and approved to head various executive offices for the one-year. Also elected was the party auditor general.

On the other hand, the Central Council took time to highly commend the entire EPDP rank and file found in many parts of the globe for their efforts and unflinching dedication to strengthen the party and defend it from all sorts of threats and dangers. It encouraged the total party membership to continue extending their legitimate constructive ideas on the basis of party constitution  and boost their usual sacrifices of all kinds to further build up the EPDP.

At the conclusion of the fifth and final session, the Council paid tribute to compatriots who were arrest on 18 September 2001 as well as all those who disappeared or were incarcerated before and after that date and found themselves languishing in the prisons of the repressive regime or those who could have died of ill-treatment. The Council reminded the Eritrean people and the international community of their responsibility to make pressure bear on the dictatorial regime in Eritrea.   

We call for a joint action to make a difference!!

Glory and eternal memory to Eritrean Martyrs!!


EPDP Central Council

17 September, 2017


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