EPDP Delegation in Denmark Urges Fraternal Parties to Promote Good Governance in Africa

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The delegation of the Eritrean People's Democratic Party (EPDP) at the congress of the Danish Social Democratic Party (DSDP) in Aalborg reminded fraternal parties on Sunday, 17 September, their moral responsibility to promote good governance in Africa and the rest of the developing countries instead of continuing with material support which used to end in the hands of repressive and corrupt rulers since the 1960s in Africa.


The EPDP delegation, consisting of Messrs. Tekle Melekin and Amanuel Beraki, both leadership members, were attending the DSDP Congress in Aalborg, northern Denmark along with 800 DSDP delegates and 75 representatives of invited parties and movements from Europe and many other parts of the globe.


Opened on 16 September, the congress was addressed a good number of Danish mayors, prominent guest speakers and DSDP leaders, including party leader Ms Mette Frederiksen. The main focus of their presentations were European and global issues including migration and refugees; the challenge to social justice by the rise of right-wing movements; problems of multiculturalism as integration showed clear signs of failure.


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Following a separate session for DSDP delegates to finalize certain internal party issues, a plenary assembly on 17 September provided the opportunity to more presentations on global issues and discussing them as challenges to peace, social justice and well-being of peoples everywhere. It was at this point that the EPDP delegation found an opportune moment to raise the burning issue of bad governance in Africa and many other countries, and to blame European social democrats to be at the forefront of the struggle against repression and corruption in post-independence Africa.

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The EPDP delegation also continued holding side-talks and establishing contacts with as many as possible of the participating parties. It shared with them party documents, including a written EPDP statement to the DSPD Congress.

The statement, among other things, reaffirmed EPDP's resolve "to promote the lofty principles of peace, social justice and solidarity  in the global agenda of the Progressive Alliance," and explained the sad situation of Eritreans at home and those in forced exile. 

Furthermore, the EPDP statement underlined the urgency of political change in Eritrea which can only be achieved by Eritreans supported by fraternal parties like those attending DSDP congress in Aalborg. The statement concluded with these words: "Our urgent message to you all is the call to support in a concrete manner the promotion of human rights, democracy and the rule of law in Eritrea through empowering non-state political and civil society actors that are opposed, like our party, to the dictatorship in our country".

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