Eritrean and German Political Leaders Are on Their Way to Eritrea Festival 2017 in Frankfurt

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Eritrean and German political leaders as well as pro-democracy activists in the civil society are on their way to Frankfurt this weekend to present their messages to the public at the main Eritrea Festival Panel discussion scheduled to start at 13:00 hours on Saturday 5 August 2017. Besides German party representatives of the Free Democratic Party (FDP) and the Green Party, other presenters will include EPDP's Menghesteab Asmerom; ELF's Idris Hume, and Eri-Medrek's Ambassador Andebrhan Weldegiorghis.

The EPDP Chairman is expected to focus on a unity proposal and Ambassador Andebrhan on ongoing efforts for dialogue as well as the issue of refugee integration.

Following of reading of solidarity messages like one from the President of the Swedish Peace and Development Society, Thomas Magnusson, Eritrean speakers to be invited to the podium will include Menghesteab Afeworki of the Eritrean Democratic Party (EDP);  Abdul-Aaziz Anwar of the Eritrean Al-Nahda Party; Abraham Tewelde of Sagem/the Eritrean Democratic Unity Front; Kibreab Misghina of Sedege'e/ Eritrean Revolutionary Democratic Front;  Alganesh Ghebre of the Eritrean Women's Network and  Yacob Abraham of the Eritrean Solidarity Movement for Justice.

Other major events of the day shall include programmes of EPDP's Women's  and Youth Leagues as well as an all-night folkloric songs, dances and shows.

Organized by the Eritrean Democratic Association (EDA), the festival is once more taking place at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe –Universität in the Bockenheimer Warte   region of Frankfurt.  The festival events actually start Friday at 16:00 hours with presentations by EPDP senior cadres, Dirar Mantai and Goitom Mebrahtu, on democracy based on courses they studied under the sponsorship of the Norwegian Raft Foundation for Human Rights.

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