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Saturday, 16 August 2014 13:18

Milano Refugee Centers Full of Syrians and Eritreans

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The Geneva daily, Tribute de Genève, reported on 21 July that the six refugee reception centers in Milan, Italy, are full of Eritreans and that local authorities are planning drastic changes on the situation.

Opened in October 2013, a few weeks after the Lampedusa tragedy, the Milan reception centers have so far received a total of 15,000 asylum seekers, most of them Syrians and Eritreans. Those who reach the centers in average stay five days and are always replaced by others. Their capacity is for 1,200 persons at a time but usually accommodate more than that number.

The paper reported that 88% of the asylum seekers entered Italy via Libya. Of those who were received in Milan, 61% went to Scandinavian countries, 20.5% to Germany and 9.3% to Holland. Only 13 persons asked asylum in Italy.

Eritreans being dispersed to all corners of the world!!

The municipal authorities in Milan are said to be intending to create a center for identification and expulsion of some of non-refugee arrivals. They also intend to give by 2015 permits for safe travel to the destinations chosen by the asylum seekers who do not want to stay in Italy.

Well over 60,000 migrants/asylum seekers are reported to have entered Europe in the past six months, which is equivalent to the total arrivals in the 12 months of 2013. The social breakdown in Syria and, ironically, Eritrea are the main causes of much increased refugee influx.

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