IMPORTANT: Tigray government issues call for talks, a cessation of hostilities and humanitarian access

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One month ago, Tigray was the safest region in Ethiopia. Today, it is ravaged by war.

Our greatest concern is the protection of civilians-protection of all civilians anywhere in Ethiopia and abroad by all Ethiopians and the international community.
We are communicating to the African Union and to the international community that the (Government of Tigray) has appointed a representative  who is empowered to discuss and decide with members of the AU, the international community, and authorities in the government of Ethiopia to seek:

A. An immediate cessation of hostilities.
B. Measures for the protection of all civilians.
C. Unimpeded humanitarian access.
D. Independent investigation by external parties of any alleged atrocities and war crimes or violations of international law.

An immediate cessation to ensure the protection of civilians is of paramount importance.

Getachew Reda
Political advisor of the president of the regional government of Tigray

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