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Press Release (November 6, 2017)

Almost four years ago, on Sunday, February the 2nd 2014, The Forum for National Dialogue (FND) announced its formation to the public. The event raised hope and expectations as well as questions. While the FND acknowledges some worthy achievements, it has not effectively capitalized on the public’s generous and unearned good will. It failed to transform itself into a vibrant and vigorous organization with clearly defined structures and procedures that allows members/associates to fully take ownership of the cause.


After many consultations and deliberations, the FND came to the conclusion that the status quo is untenable and a major overhaul of the organization is essential and timely. Towards this goal, it convened a meeting on Friday, October 20, 2017, in Frankfurt, Germany, and restructured itself, expanded the size of its board of directors and put in place mechanisms which would allow her to operate in a more transparent and accountable way. The new restructuring, and, in accordance with the new bylaw adopted on Friday, October 20, 2017, would give the FND the institutional support and impetus it needs towards realizing the objectives to which it was founded.


The new board of directors is made of 25 members reflecting all political persuasions. In its first act of business, the new board of directors has elected its president and a seven-member executive committee. The President of the board of directors is Dr. Assefaw Tekeste.


The Executive Committee is made of the following officers:

1.      Semere T. Habtemariam, Chief Executive.

2.      Suleiman Adem Hussien, Vice Chief Executive.

3.      Moheidin Abubaker Shengeb, Treasurer.

4.      Gilleway Saeed, Secretary.

5.      Amb. Andebrhan Welde Giorgis, Chairman of the Committee for Dialogue, Diplomacy and Advocacy.

6.      Yonas Hagos, Chairman of the Committee for Media and Public Relations.

7.      Dr. Adane Ghebremeskel Tekie, Chairman of the Committee for Research and Strategic Studies.


The members of the new board of directors are, in alphabetical order:

1.       Ahmed Kaisi                                                        14. Mesfin Hagos

2.       Amb. Adhanom Ghbremariam                                15. Mohiadin Abubaker

3.       Amb. Andebrhan Welde Giorgis                              16. Saba Fessehaye

4.       Benyam Debesai                                                   17. Salwa Nour

5.       Mohamed Berhan Blata                                          18. Semere T. Habtemariam

6.       Beyan Negash                                                       19. Semere Kesete

7.       Dr. Adane Ghebremeskel Tekie                               20. Semhar G/Silassie

8.       Dr. Anghesom Atsbaha                                           21. Suleiman Hussien

9.       Dr. Assefaw Tekeste                                               22. Tesfamichael Yohannes

10.   Herui Tedla Bairu                                                     23. Veronica Almedom

11.   Hummad Mohammed Kullu                                       24. Jacob Abraham

12.   Idris Humed Ibrahim                                                25. Yonas Hagos

13.   Jallaway (Gillawey) Saeed       

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