EPDP EC Statement on the Situation in Tigray

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EPDP EC Statement on the Situation in Tigray

In an extraordinary meeting held on 3 July 2021, the Executive Committee of the Eritrean People’s Democratic Party (EPDP) seriously evaluated the outcomes of the eight-month long intensive war in Ethiopia’s northern region of Tigray, and at the outset, the meeting wished to express its good wishes to the fraternal Tigray people and their defense forces for the remarkable achievements through steadfastness and exceptional valor.

The meeting found it noting the November 21 2020 statement of the EPDP Central Council, based on relevant resolutions of the last Party congress and related policy guidelines, that strongly condemned the blatant interference of the Eritrean dictatorship in the internal affairs of a neighboring country with the sinister aim of fueling hostile conflicts. The earlier CC statement also referred to the call upon the Eritrean people to watchfully defend their hard-won sovereignty which was under threat of those secret pacts ostensibly reached under the cover of darkness with the Ethiopian Prime Minister, forgetful of the past bitter experiences of the Eritrean people.

At its 3rd of July evaluation, the EC once more saw the Party’s concerns repeating themselves in the war in Tigray that, in spite of the military gains, have caused untold suffering to innocent civilians. And still, the suffering is not ending. The EPDP leadership thus reiterated its deep concerns about the regional ramifications of the conflict whose imminent dangers cannot spare Eritrea. Most importantly, it is timely to recall the following conclusions and  concerns of the CC November statement:

  1. The EPDP condemns the Isaias-Abiy collusion to fight the people and government of the regional Tigray State, and calls for a political solution to the conflict which is in the first place constitutional and political;
  2. The Party supports the combined calls for peaceful settlement of the conflict by international, regional, religious and human rights organizations, and in particular recommends that the warring parties accept the African initiative for reconciliation. The Party leadership also urged concerned international bodies to come on the side of the affected people and see to it that refugees problems are addressed with utmost attention.

Thus, continuing the discussion on an urgent theme of “what can be done to avert a looming additional havoc?” the 3 July meeting of the EPDP Executive Committee reached the following conclusions:

  1. The EC again saluted the Tigrayan people at home and abroad for having forged a unified stand under a solid defense umbrella of its field forces and broke the dark nightmare that befell them until they could restore their legitimate regional government;
  2. It called for the immediate return of public services like supply of electricity, water communication networks, transport, banks and the like which have been disrupted as part of the war project. Likewise, international actors have to increase their pressure and follow up to make sure that access for humanitarian assistance to reach the needy victims is fully realized;
  3. The EPDP leadership further reiterated its call on all parties to agree on workable cease-fire and start serious dialogue to reach a lasting solution;
  4. It commended the distinguished stand of the Tigray regional state and their defense force in their unwavering support to Eritrean sovereign existence, and which remains their honorable trademark. The EPDP Executive Committee thus reminded fraternal Tigray regional state to continue upholding this noble stand and in addition cooperate with Eritrean forces struggling against the tyranny in Eritrea.
  5. The meeting urged the international community to see to it that the crimes and abuses committed against refugees and civilians are not repeated and all the crimes committed in the conflict are fully investigated and the culprits brought to accountability without delay. In addition, all parties are urged to respect the rights of prisoners of war and never fail giving due process of law to any accused amongst them.
  6. At this juncture, we urge the Eritrean people to demand answers to question as to what has been the fate of their sons and daughters who were forced to join in this war that did not concern their country, and many of them reportedly perished under different circumstances. In this connection, our people are called upon to unify their ranks to defeat the cruel tyranny at home that caused so much suffering in neighboring Tigray region and bring to justice all those who committed crimes against other human beings.

Finally, it is time to revisit continuous crimes Isaias and his clique have been committing in Eritrea and now extended the same criminal acts to the  people of Tigray with the aim of instilling mutual hatred and enmity between the fraternal peoples of Eritrea and Tigray. However, the PFDJ regime does not represent the Eritrean people and our people have no involvement in the crimes this repressive regime perpetrated against our neighbors. Therefore, it is now the most opportune moment for the two fraternal people not to have grudges against each other but unify their ranks in cooperating against their common enemy in Eritrea.

Most importantly, the EPDP believes it is time for the Eritrean change and justice seekers to take a new path and launch a new phase of struggle to save their own people and sovereign state. Similarly, friends of Eritrea are urged to put more pressure on the repressive regime in Eritrea and extend the necessary support to the Eritrean pro-democracy actors to realize their long deferred dream for a democratic state in post-dictatorship Eritrea.

We struggle for Democratic Governance and Progress!

The EPDP Executive Committee

3 July, 2021

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