Prime Minister Abiy on Tigray war: From will “wrap up soon” to “fighting on 8 fronts”

2021-04-04 21:27:36 Written by  Martin Plaut Published in English Articles Read 149 times


“For instance, in our first operation against the Junta, it only took us three weeks.

It (the junta) used to have a uniform, its place was known and it fought using all armaments.

The Junta which we had eliminated within 3 weeks has now mingled in the farmers and started moving from place to place and now, we are not even able to eliminate it within 3 months.

Eliminating an enemy which is visible and eliminating an enemy which is in hide and operates by assimilating itself with others is not one and the same.

It is very difficult and tiresome. We have conducted a wide operations in the last three days and we have caused a heavy damage to the enemy of the people and weakened its capacity seriously. And this will be strengthened and continued.”

Currently, the national defence forces and the federal forces are in a major  fight  on 8 fronts in the north and the west (parts of the country) with the enemies which are anti-farmers, anti-civilians and caused strife among Ethiopians and are paying a sacrifice.”

How different this is from PM Abiy’s confident prediction of 9 November 2020

As a colleague pointed out – it is almost as if PM Abiy has never heard of guerrilla warfare.

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