EPDP EC Finalizes Work Plans; Reviews Action on Unity with Partners in Struggle

2018-08-27 06:17:15 Written by  EPDP Information Office Published in EPDP News Read 968 times

Following its recent re-election at the 9th Session of the EPDP Central Council, the 9-personExecutive Committee headed by Mr. Menghesteab Asmerom on 24 August held its first regular meeting for the year ahead and finalized for submission to the CC one-year work plans for each executive office. The meeting also reviewed ongoing moves for unity and joint action in the Eritrean opposition camp.


The one-year work plans for the EPDP executive offices were drafted taking into consideration the ongoing processes for Party Renewal, the upcoming Third Party Congress and the EPDP proposals for unity and joint action at various levels with sister organizations.

The EC meeting was highly satisfied with the progress of talks for joint action and possible eventual unity with the Eritrean National Salvation (ENS-Hidri) and the recently formed Unity of Eritreans for Justice (UEJ), and established high-level task forces to consolidate what has so far been achieved. The meeting also decided to continue previously started discussions with other sister organizations for the same purpose.     

The Executive Committee also reviewed progress in the recent EPDP Chairman's call for an urgent and joint diplomatic campaign to challenge the Eritrean regime's latest brash moves that threaten national sovereignty. Likewise, the meeting agreed to push on for the  success of the 4 June 2017 proposal for joint work in the spheres of mass mobilization, diplomacy and mass media as a start in building a national umbrella of all Eritrean pro-democracy forces.

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