EPDP Leaders Hold Public Meeting, and Attend at 7th Branch Congress in Oslo

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Two Executive Committee members of the Eritrean People's Democratic Party (EPDP) held a public meeting in the Norwegian capital of Oslo on Saturday, 14 October, at which hot issues of the hour, including the urgency of joint work by forces opposed to the dictatorship at home, were discussed. Also held the same day was 7th congress of the Norway Branch. The leadership members were Mr. Tesfai Woldemichael (Degiga), EPDP head for Organizational Affairs, and Mr. Medhanie Habtezghi, head of Youth Affairs Office in the party.


Norway Public Meeting 14.10.2017


Following introductory remarks by Mr. Medhanie Habtezghi about the guest speaker and the topics at hand, Mr.Tesfai Woldemichael made a brief summary of the disquieting situation of the Eritrean people under a repressive regime which has failed to work out the most basic state institutions in over quarter of a century of its misrule.

Other than that, Mr. Tesfai W. Degiga regretted the ongoing fragmentation of the forces supposed to reverse the bad situation in Eritrea but added his renewed conviction for a better future for joint work of the opposition forces. He mentioned the scheduled meetings in Germany and Ethiopia this month by pro-change forces whose agendas are focused on the urgent need for unity of common action. The EPDP proposal for joint work at least in the spheres of diplomacy, the media and public mobilization was adequately explained and discussed.

The EPDP leadership members alternated in answering question and viewpoints from the floor, and the meeting was concluded after recording recommendations to the organized bodies from the general public.

7th Norway Branch Congress

Meanwhile, the EPDP Norway Branch also on the same day held its 7th congress which was attended by delegates from different parts of Norway. The congress was also attended by  two EPDP Executive Committee members.

EPDP Leadership Holds Public Meeging Attends congress BT2

Branch chairman, Mr. Mahder Ogbazghi, opened the congress with a statement in which he outlined the programme for the congress and also seized the opportunity to condemn disruptions made by fringe elements, and reaffirmed the branch's unwavering dedication to strengthen the EPDP and continue carrying on the struggle against the evil regime at home.

 Report of branch activities between the 6th and 7th branch congresses was presented by branch secretary, Mr. Khalifa Abdalla. Besides listing the political, diplomatic and social tasks carried out during the year, he reported that the branch worked closely with Eritrean civic movements in the region, and branch members actively took part in party conferences and seminars organized in Sweden and Germany during the year. It was made clear that every Norway branch member is also actively involved in assisting refugee projects in the Sudan.  The financial and property reports were presented by Mr. Mussie Amar.

After discussing and adopting the reports, the congress elected new branch committee of three with two reserve members.

Mr. Tesfai Woldemichael at the end addressed the branch congress in which he commended the historic dedication to the struggle shown by Norway branch members, and further explained a number of current issues of concern related to the struggle of the opposition camp and the EPDP. He took time to inform branch members about the small vocal clique in North America that defied leadership decision about Mesfin Hagos whose actions and behaviour showed unacceptable disregard to the rule of law as contained in the EPDP constitution and bye laws.

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