Eritrea-Sweden Association Holds Meeting with Mayor of Gothenburg

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On 7 September 2017, Board members of the cultural Eritrea-Sweden association known as 'Eritrea in Our Hearts', met with Mayor Yonas Attenius  and his team at the Gothenburg city hall,  and discussed many pressing issues, in particular those affecting members of the Eritrean community in the region. Mayor Attenius is in  charge of city's public works and administration. The Eritrea-Sweden cultural body was represented by association president, Mr. Thomas Magnusson and his team.


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Mr. Magnusson warmly thanked the Mayor's Office for the meeting and explained objectives and activities of the association in support of community members. Messrs Zehaie Keleta and Amjed Yassin, association board members on their part talked about the suffering of the Eritrean people due to the erroneous policies of the  regime in Eritrea. They also took time to explain the uncountable abuses of the Eritrean regime embassies upon Eritrean communities in exile.

During the two-hour long discussion, the Mayor showed great interest to know more about the situation of  young refugees in the city, particularly women, and was given detailed information and clarifications on those issues. At the end of the discussion,  the board members of 'Eritrea in Our Hearts' presented a list of their needs and demands for consideration and action by the Office of the Mayor. They were later taken to a visit of the new Gothenburg City Hall building. 

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