EPDP Hails Holland; Urges European States To Use the Dutch Approach to Asmara Regime

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In  a chain of memorandums sent to European foreign ministries in the past few days, the Eritrean People's Democratic Party (EPDP) drew the attention of European Governments to the commendable position during 2016-2017 of the Dutch Parliament, the Cabinet, the judicial system, and, equally importantly, the 14 April 2017 decision by the Mayor of Veldhoven in the Netherlands, banning a conference of Eritrean regime supporters, including the Eri-Blood thugs,  that was due to be addressed by Yemane Ghebreab, the senior advisor of the Eritrean dictator, and highly probable to be one of those in a tentative UN inquiry commission list of perpetrators of 'crimes against humanity' in Eritrea.


Besides copies all memorandums to the Dutch Foreign Minister Bert Koenders, the EPDP also once more hailed concerned Dutch authorities for persistengly condemning and discouraging the continuation of abusive measures of the Eritrean embassy and regime agents like the Y-PFDJ in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.


Under the subject entitled "Kindly Deny Venue to Organs of the Eritrean Regime" country"  in your respective countries, the EPDP memorandums were addressed separately to the following European foreign ministers: Ms Margot wallstroem, Sweden; Messrs. Sigmar Gabriel, Germany; Boris Johnson, UK; Laurent Fabius, France; Angelino Alfano, Italy; Didier Reynders,  Belgium, Borge Brende, Norway;  Anders Samuelsen, Denmark,  and Didier Burkhalter, Switzerland.

Regretting the past undeserved permissions for conferences granted to the  so-called Young-PFDJ,named after the Eritrean regime's ruling party (the PFDJ/Popular Front for 'Democracy and Justice'), the EPDP memorandums informed the addressee Governments that such Asmara regime events were aimed to brainwash and poison young Europeans of Eritrean origin and Eritrean refugees with the wrong messages of the cruel regime in Eritrea. 


Like most of the Y-PFDJ festivals of the past, this event in the Netherlands was opposed by pro-democracy Eritreans; it eventually become detrimental to safely and security of peaceful residents and the demonstrators themselves because the Y-PFDJ and their Eri-Blood brigade of thugs are always prone to violence.



Eri-Blood units in the Y-PFDJ are always ready for intimidation and violence.


The memorandums further stated that Eritrean pro-democracy activists in Europe now have all the reasons to be encouraged by the measures started to be taken by concerned authorities in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, like:



Ø  The promising stand of major Dutch parties in Parliament in June 2016 vowing to take necessary action against illicit activities of the Eritrean embassy staff and its agents like the  Y-PFDJ in their country;

Ø  the Dutch court decision in January condemning Y-PFDJ funs as "eyes and ears" of the repressive regime in Eritrea and penalizing them for their egregious threats against ad Dutch civil rights advocates and Eritrean refugees in the Netherlands;

Ø  The serious reservations expressed by the Dutch Cabinet about the holding of the Y-PFDJ conference in 2017 and the general resolve of the Dutch authorities warning to go to the extent of shutting down the Eritrean diplomatic presence in the country if the embassy staff continue to misbehave and refuse to stop the illegitimate collection of funds from persons of Eritrean origin; and, most of all,

Ø  The decision of 14 April 2017 by the Mayor of Veldhoven to ban the conference, and the support given to that decision a Dutch court of law!


In conclusion, the EPDP messages strongly appealed to European Governments to follow up the sinister activities of the Eritrean embassies in their respective countries and kindly support pro-democracy Eritreans by denying any venue for meetings of PFDJ and its agents of hate, control and intimidation in Europe.

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