Israel: Many injuries, some life-threatening, after Eritrean democracy activists clash with Eritrean supporters of President Isaias

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Martin Plaut

Sep 2

Around 90 Eritreans have been wounded, with at least 4 in a serious condition, in hospitals in Tel Aviv, following a clash between supporters and opponents of the Eritrean government.

These are some images of the fighting that broke out this morning, with police responding with tear gas, live ammunition and brute force.

The Israeli authorities were warned a week ago by pro-democracy Eritreans that this would happen.

Alert about a mass event that is accompanied by violent threats on social networks



On Saturday 02/09/2023 the Eritrean Embassy in Israel is planning a political event, the planned event accompanied by threats from its supporters, to the same extent a demonstration of opposition is planned by those opposed to the dictatorship,

Such events took place during the month of July and August around the world, such as Germany, Sweden, Great Britain, Canada and the United States, the events mentioned were stopped due to severe violence that endangered the lives of both supporters and opponents as well as civilians.

In Israel there have been such bloody events in the past that got out of control took a heavy toll on people and it took us a long time for the community organizations to calm them down, now following the events around the world and the provocations of the Eritrean ambassador and his supporters the threats of escalation have returned once again and this may lead to unnecessary bloodshed.

There is a threat testimony on Facebook of the organization of men of an organized squad that has only men today, Saturday 08/26/2023, which is intended to scare and threaten explicitly in preparation for the event next week.

In light of the above, we, as a community organization that works for the peaceful life of the community in various fields, express our concern for real fear for human life and ask the Israel Police to act to prevent violence that endangers human life.

Egon team – Eritrean New Hope Organization

Chairman Berhana Nagasi


Eritrean New Hope Organization


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