Eritreans lost in President Isaias’s gulag: Images of the imprisoned and disappeared

2021-09-18 17:22:13 Written by  Eritrea Hub Published in English Articles Read 166 times


Today (18 September) we commemorate the anniversary of the arrest of the Eritreans who fought President Isaias for their country’s freedom. They stood for the universal human rights Eritrea signed to when they signed the UN charter – but which are cruelly denied. They were the members of the “G15” who were inside Eritrea and the independent journalists who were rounded up as their newspapers were closed down.

They are not the only Eritreans to rot in President Isaias’s jails: some were imprisoned before; some were imprisoned afterwards. All deserve to be remembered and hopefully released from the jails in which they now suffer. The brave men and women we highlight here are just the tip of the iceberg of Eritrea’s imprisoned. There are many, many more.

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