Eritrean Yiakl Mass Movement: “Stop the war in Ethiopia”

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Yiakl Stop the War Appeal

Eritrean Yiakl Mass Movement

ይኣክል | كفاية†| Enough

A call to the International Community to stop the war in Ethiopia

XX November 2020

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Dear [insert 2],

We the undersigned respectfully request that your good offices exert utmost pressure on the Ethiopian Federal Government to solve its internal dispute with the Reginal Government in Tigray peacefully and through dialogue.

The ongoing war in Ethiopia will have a devastating ramification for the Ethiopian people, and the Horn of Africa. It will have serious repercussions on the influx of refugees and internally displaced, which will overwhelm any humanitarian response. It will shatter the Ethiopian economy, which saw the fastest growth in Africa over the last decade.

The conflict has the potential to spill to neighbouring countries. It could have serious repercussions on the influx of refugees from different countries in the Horn of Africa to the West. Moreover, it could result in increased violence and internal displacements, which could overwhelm any humanitarian responses.

The Eritrean Government repeatedly and explicitly has been pronouncing that it would involve itself in Ethiopian issues, whenever necessary. Reports coming from inside Eritrea are indicating that it is already meddling in the ongoing internal conflict in Ethiopia. There have also been sightings of Ethiopian military units inside Eritrean territory. We are deeply concerned that the people of Eritrea could be dragged into a new conflict, which could culminate in the death of tens of thousands of Eritreans. Currently, Ethiopia hosts hundreds of thousands of helpless Eritrean refugees. The escalation of conflict could leave the refugees vulnerable to resentment and hostility. We, therefore, plead with you to exert utmost pressure on the Eritrean leadership to refrain from interfering in Ethiopia’s internal affairs and involving itself in the conflict.

We believe political differences within Ethiopia can and should only be resolved peacefully through dialogue, facilitated by formal and informal institutions within the country and the International Community.

Regarding the yet unresolved border issue between Eritrea and Ethiopia, the international community should encourage the two governments to implement the EBBC’s decisions, stipulated in the Algiers Agreement.

On behalf of the Eritrean People, we the undersigned human rights and civil societies call upon you, [insert 3] and the rest of the international community to intervene to stop this unwarranted and unnecessary war immediately.

We also urge you to call on the Eritrean Government to stop involving in Ethiopia’s internal affairs, and for the Ethiopian Government to withdraw its forces from Eritrea. Thank you.

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