Eritrean Community Congress in Geneva Decides to Expand Its Future Activities

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Eritrean-Swiss association in Geneva, which has been helping in the integration of refugees since its creation in 2015, decided at a congress held on 22 February 2020 to expand its future activities, including the establishment of a new Eritrean centre where community members can meet frequently.

  Eritrean Community Holds Congress in Geneva 1

Known as ASEPE (Association Suisse-Erythree pour l’Entraid), the Eritrean-Swiss charity has been supporting through volunteers newly arriving Eritreans who were in urgent need of assistance for starting new life in Switzerland. 

The ASEPE chairman and committee members presented activity reports at the congress and stated that ASEPE’s major achievements included providing basic language training to young refugees, guidance in administrative and paper-works that were essential in starting an integrated-life in Geneva. The association also obtained legal recognition and support from the Geneva authorities and succeeded to create a network of contacts that can help ASEPE grow further.

Congress members, including young beneficiaries of the programme, thanked the committee members and teaching volunteers for their dedicated work for the benefit of vulnerable refugees. The congress also decided that the ASEPE continue with expanded programmes in the future.

To this end, the outgoing ASEPE executive committee members were requested to continue cooperating with a newly elected provisional committee till the next extraordinary congress this year at which a revised work programme can be debated and adopted.

Eritrean Community Holds Congress in Geneva 2

The outgoing committee members were ASEPE chairman Tedros Eyasu and his team composed of Sophia Ammar, Olivia Heller, Awet Aregay and Tedros Teklemariam.  Their close collaborators in different association responsibilities and activities included Merachew Berhe, Tseggai Tesfaldet, Ahmed Surur and Abdalla Mohammed Ali.

The successfully ended congress finally elected a new provisional committee consisting of Ghenet Tewelde, Tekle Tesfamariam,  Denden Ghebre, Medhine Estefanos and  Bereket Andemariam. Merachew Berhe will also work with the transitional team.


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