UN Children’s Fund classifies Eritrean children as Africa’s most malnourished

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February 7, 2020 News

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Source: UNICEF Report

Eritrea drought, malnutrition and choleraThis is truly shocking.

UNICEF has classified over 60% of Eritrean children under 5 as being “stunted, wasted or underweight.” To put it bluntly – they are close to starvation.

  • Worse than children in Zimbabwe, where half the population are going hungry.
  • Worse than South Sudan, where children are suffering from years of civil war, and just one MSF hospital received 1,000 malnourished children in 2019.
  • Worse than Mozambique, struggling to recover from hurricanes and conflict.

Any self-respecting government would resign if UNICEF produced a report showing this level of suffering.

But President Isaias Afwerki does nothing: all is well. Just keep quiet about the reality of childhood malnutrition.

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