Vital Eritrean Dialogue Expected to Take Place at Festival 2018 in Frankfurt

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Prominent veterans of the prolonged Eritrean struggle for freedom and democracy will be among the presenters at this year's Eritrea Festival 2018  scheduled to be held between 3 and 5 August inside the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University at Bockenheimer Warte section of Frankfurt, the financial capital of central Europe.


Among the expected senior speakers at this year's Eritrea Festival include Mr. Hussein Khalifa, chairman of the Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF); Ambassador Andebrhan Weldegiorghis, Executive Committee member of the Forum for National Dialogue (FND/Medrek); Dr. Yusuf Berhanu Ahmedin, chairman of the Eritrean National Salvation Front (ENSF) and their host, Mr. Menghesteab Asmerom, chairman of the Eritrean People's Democratic Party (EPDP).


Other senior representatives expected to make position statements from the Festival podium  on 4 August will include delegates of the following movements:

Ø  United Eritreans for Justice (UEF), a coalition founded in Israel representing several organizations and associations;

Ø  the Eritrean National Salvation Front - Hidri (ENSF-Hidri);

Ø  the Eritrean Democratic Party (EDP);


Ø  the Eritrean Federal Democratic Party (EFDP);

Ø  the Eritrean Nahda Party;

Ø  Eritrean Women's Movement;

Ø  Eritrean Democratic Unity Front (EDUF- Sagem)

Ø  Eritrean Revolutionary Democratic Front (ERDF-Sedege'e)

Ø  Dialogue for Eritreans;



Also so far confirmed Festival speakers will include a representative of CDU, the ruling party in Germany, and the German Green Party.


The annual Eritrea Festival is organized by the Germany-based Eritrean Democratic Association (EDA) in close  collaboration with Europe branches of the EPDP. Organizers expect this year's festival to be unique of its kinds because of the new  political developments in the Horn of Africa region. Eritrean political participants are expected to have an extended dialogue on the situation.

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