EPDP Leadership Holds Yet Another Public Seminar in Sweden

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The fairly well-attended public seminar held in central Stockholm on 11 May 2019 was yet another event of the little appreciated chain of public and organizational meetings the EPDP leadership convenes in different parts of the world in order to increase political  awareness of the public and to keep alive the spirit of struggle for a better Eritrea.  Headed by EPDP chairman, Mr. Menghesteab Asmerom, the leadership team at the podium, included Mr. Rezene Tesfazion, Executive Committee member, and Ms Alganesh Yisaak, Central Council member.

After introductory remarks by Mr. Medhanie Neraio, chairman of the EPDP Stockholm Branch, Mr. Menghesteab Asmerom spoke in great length about the political developments in Ethiopia an their impact on the peoples of two countries; the unclear peace-pact signed by the two leaders of Eritrea and Ethiopia and their continually disquieting pronouncements on that agreement; the origin and status of the growing wave of “Enough is Enough”by diaspora Eritreans all over the globe; the importance of public mobilization and the realignment of justice seeking forces for effective work; and the volatile political situation in the Horn of Africa and the role of external forces.

MA Stockholm 2

His colleagues at the dopium added remarks on these topics as well as the challenges and responsibilities facing Eritrea’s young generations both at home and abroad.

After a lively discussion on those and other timely issues affecting Eritrea, the seminar was concluded with a call on all Eritrean political organizations, civic societies, media outlets, intellectuals  and national figures to plan for organizing an all-inclusive conference within the shortest time possible.

The seminar was concluded with moving slogans on “Enough is Enough” as led by youthful Awet.

Bonn, Germany

As noted in the opening sentence, the Stockholm seminar was preceded by a similar EPDP event that Mr. Menghesteab Asmerom chaired in Bonn, Germany, last March 2.

MA Bonn

Opened by welcoming remarks of the EPDP Bonn region chairman, Mr. Andebrahan Yohannes, the public seminar was addressed by the EPDP Chairman who informed the audience on details of what has been going on between Eritrea and Ethiopia during the previous 10 months and what Eritreans must do to avert any threats to their sovereign existence.   He also spoke about the EPDP proposal for joint work and strengthening of relations among political actors in the opposition.

This year, numerous EPDP organs as well as study and preparatory committees,  zonal and specific country branches are continually holding meetings to discuss both the hot developments affecting the nation as well as their internal party issues. The leading internal party topics under continued discussion  include the draft documents for the third and untiy congress scheduled for the coming summer and issues related with the unity process being worked out between the EPDP and the Eritrean National Salvation-Hidri.

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