EPDP Chairman Congratulates Newly Elected Chairwoman of Fraternal SPD

2018-04-23 16:58:52 Written by  EPDP Information Office Published in EPDP News Read 788 times

For the first time in its 154-year history, the German Social Democratic Party/SPD, has a woman, Ms Andrea Nahles, to head the party at its special congress held on 22 APRIL 2018.


Reacting to this historic event, EPDP Chairman Menghesteab Asmerom, send a congratulatory message to the new SPD Chairwoman and the party leadership wishing them all the success "to reform, re-unite and strengthen" the party to play its historic in Germany and the rest of the world which is "currently facing multiple challenges".


Addressed to the SPD on 23 April, the EPDP Chairman's message of solidarity and good wishes also noted that Eritreans opposed to the dictatorship in their country are "fully aware of the political crises faced by democratic forces in Europe and beyond it."


However, EPDP and the rest of Eritrean justice seekers are also confident that SPD can  play a central role in "empowering progressive forces in Europe and the rest of the world" including Eritrea, "which has been for over two decades the worst example in the already bad African political condition and human rights abuses".

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