EPDP Sends Solidarity Message to Somali Leaders; Calls for Renewal of Cooperation

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In a solidarity message addressed to the new Federal Government of Somalia, the Eritrean People's Democratic Party (EPDP) drew the attention of the new leadership in resurgent Somalia to the urgent need of forging strong relations with EPDP and other democratic forces struggling for positive change in Eritrea.


The EPDP memorandum of 31 March, addressed to Somali Foreign Minister Yusuf Garaad Omar, seized the opportunity of congratulating President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed (Farmajo) for his success in the recent democratic election to lead Somalia to a better tomorrow.


EPDP Sends Solidarity Message to Post Election Somalia 1


The message pointed out the undeniable historical fact that Somalia was the first   country to recognize and support the just struggle of the Eritrean people for self-determination and national independence when it was launched way back in 1961. It however added that fraternal Somalia had been in bad political shape during the  past 26 years when Eritreans badly needed the support of genuine friends like the Somalia of the 1960s because Eritrea's independence unfortunately failed to accomplish its promised objectives.


 The memorandum also expressed deep satisfaction with the gradual but reassuring   improvement of the situation in Somalia, and did not fail to profoundly  appreciate the recent role Somalia played "in promoting the efforts of the UN Human Rights Council and its organs to help stop the human suffering in Eritrea and to bring to accountability the Eritrean authorities who perpetrated untold crimes against their own people."


EPDP Sends Solidarity Message to Post Election Somalia 2


The EPDP memo further called on the new leadership in Somalia to, as much as possible, initiate regionally and globally the much needed support of building the capacity of all Eritreans struggling for a democratic state in post-dictatorship Eritrea. In particular, the Somali Foreign Minister was urged to facilitate relations of its emissaries abroad with EPDP and other Eritreans opposed to the repressive regime in Asmara. 

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